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  1. Giveem3outdoors

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    That boat ride gonna be fun in the morning.
  2. Giveem3outdoors

    Here We Go Again (22-23)

    Me and a buddy gave it a try this morning, killed a whopping 5, ringnecks and teal. I've had worse days. Just enjoyed getting out for the opener for the first time in years. Hopefully try for something green tomorrow.
  3. Giveem3outdoors

    Mathews 2023

    I'm not exactly a big burly fellow, but I've always shot a 70lb bow. Last year when I bought my new bowtech solution. My archery shop talked me into trying a 60lb bow. Best move I've ever made. I've shot 3 with it so far and all have been clean pass throughs. Wish I'd of stepped down years ago.
  4. Giveem3outdoors

    Need Your Opinions

    I started out with spypoint, first one was great so I bought another, it was terrible and spypoints customer service was even worse! Finally gave up trying to deal with those morons took it back to cabelas. Then I went to tactacam and it has been great. Battery life is better, picture quality is...
  5. Giveem3outdoors

    Controversy Revisited....

    Just don't shoot the white one!
  6. Giveem3outdoors

    Nov 13th Roll call

    . 223
  7. Giveem3outdoors

    Nov 13th Roll call

    He killed this monster 3 pointer! His first deer we were both tore up! It's safe to say he's hooked.
  8. Giveem3outdoors

    Nov 13th Roll call

    The 8yr old has taken a sudden interest in killing one, so here we sit. Going with the if it's brown it's down method.
  9. Giveem3outdoors

    November 12 opening gun roll call

    The buck I've been hunting all year showed up last night with his whole left side broken off. I haven't seen him in daylight since July, I'm in the process off building a new house was working in it about 3 o'clock looked out the window and there he stood, watched him walk right through my front...
  10. Giveem3outdoors

    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Seen 6 does and a buck, The buck caught a rage. Not a monster by any means but it's the biggest one I've ever killed and I'm tickled to death with him.
  11. Giveem3outdoors

    Nov. 6th, who’s out?

    I have zero confidence with this heat but I know a decent one is tending scrapes in here so I hated not to try it.
  12. Giveem3outdoors

    Nov. 6th, who’s out?

    I'm in the tree in Ohio county. Seen 12 from this stand yesterday, one decent 8 was the biggest. 5 so far this morning fawns and spikes.
  13. Giveem3outdoors

    October 30th roll call

    I ended up seeing 6, 3 fawns, 2 does and a spike. Did have a decent new buck show up on the camera about 8 tonight.
  14. Giveem3outdoors

    Stupid Deer

    Several years ago was a yearling buck would come up in our yard wanting to be petted on. I assume someone raised it and turned it loose. Neighbor kid shot it I never told them how friendly he was lol.
  15. Giveem3outdoors

    October 30th roll call

    My first set of the year, 2 doe so far hoping the deer show up before the rain does.
  16. Giveem3outdoors

    What’s everyone doing to get ready ?

    We are in the process of building a new house. Afraid it's gonna be hard to find time to hunt this season. But I'm sure I will make time to stare at some empty ky skies at some point.
  17. Giveem3outdoors

    Roll Call - September 3

    Congrats meatstick,really like the looks of that bow.
  18. Giveem3outdoors

    Winter peas planting depth

    I just packed mine in with the sidexside and like you I could see them on top. But they pop right up and look to be doing well.
  19. Giveem3outdoors

    Spypoint Link Evo Crap

    I've had a link micro that has been trouble free for 2 seasons, cabelas had them on sale the other day so I bought another. It never would work right. That's when I was introduced to spypoints horrible customer service for a couple weeks I had techs repeatedly telling me to do the same...
  20. Giveem3outdoors

    G5 Deadmeat vs Megameat reviews

    I've been eyeing the megameats as well, been shooting rage for years, haven't really had any issues just wanting to try something different.