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    FS/T: Jeep Liberty 2005 | Louisville

    If it wasn't so far away from me, I would take a look. Looks like it could be a nice little ride .
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    Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday

    Does anyone have a list of what the indictment claims are?
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    250K Dodge Ram anyone?

    The value of that truck will be a third of what you pay for it in five years. That would be like driving a farm around. You can buy a big piece of land for that price.
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    Coon hunting

    I have so many here and they are in everything. Plant sweet corn and they destroy it as soon as it gets ready to eat. I put corn in my crib and they destroy it. Opened the door on the crib one time and there and I counted 6 young coons in there. Years ago on my other farm I filled the barns...
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    Coon hunting

    If you were closer I would take you coon hunting. Saw one last night at the back of my barn. They are like rats and my garden will get destroyed again this year.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    I am right there with you on a good burger. I can cook a good steak but they cost too much. We only have steak around here if we have a birthday and whoever's birthday it is they can choose what is cooked.
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    A few birds

    Seems like when turkeys first came around here they just multiplied like crazy. I had silage in a bed to feed my cattle and they would find it every year. I would look out and turkey would be all around , on top and in the pile digging out corn. All the fields here would have turkeys scattered...
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    Handcrafted Implement Equipment

    That guy has talent and skills. He has done some great work. Thanks for sharing.
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    House Oversight chair Comer says '6 or 7 Biden family members' potentially involved in business schemes

    Make a person wonder what is going on
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    Kentucky Farm Bureau auction

    This is the only place I could find with info. It is not listed on Auctionzip. Looks like three rings. Pick a ring and look at pictures of what they have.
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    Laminate Flooring $550 obo

    Is that water proof with attached backing?
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    Farm Diesel Question

    Where do I sign up to draw :rolleyes: You made that sound so good.
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    Triticale food plot

    Has anyone planted Spring Triticale in the spring and have it to produce grain like wheat?
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    A few birds

    That is nothing compared to the past. They tore my silage pile all to pieces. I had a acre Cerel Rey planted behind my house and three acres of wheat where the picture was taken. The fields was destroyed before dove season. The dove did their share along with deer.
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    The post anything thread

    Looks like a ford 2000 gas. I would pull the plugs and fill with a thin oil and maybe mixed with diesel. If the engine is stuck. After soaking the engine, Park it on a bank in high gear and take a truck or tractor and pull it a little so it rocks back and forth.
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    Here’s your “conservative” supermajority at work in Frankfort

    Beshitear will just Veto those bills. :mad:
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    Farm Diesel Question

    I don't know what the big deal is about farm diesel. It has a dye in it and new road trucks that has the diesel used in them will void the warranty. I would not see new truck owners using farm diesel because of the warranty but in trucks with no warranty, who knows.
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    A few birds

    I have a few turkey but not as many as usual.
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    Here’s your “conservative” supermajority at work in Frankfort

    They are a bunch of rope sucking, drag queen want to bee's. Pitiful, just pitiful. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    The post anything thread

    What is the story behind the old gal? It that a diesel or gas? Pull that thing out and try and get her going.