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  1. Southpaw

    ocellated turkey hunt

    Congrats! Beautiful bird
  2. Southpaw

    Something positive

    This makes me so happy Lonnie!
  3. Southpaw

    Average age of members here

    Im 58
  4. Southpaw

    Prayers needed

    Get well soon buddy. Prayers sent
  5. Southpaw

    5 Black cops in some series trouble....

    This guy works second shift at our fedex memphis hub. As his father does as well. Not sure what went down. We dont hire felons an they go through serious background checks at Fedex Express due too TSA at our airport. Memphis is a cesspool. Hopefully they sort it out.
  6. Southpaw

    Lost deer

    I listened to him being interviewed on WorkingClassBowhunter podcast. Very interesting. Hes ex amish an flies his own plane. He videoed for whitetail adrenaline for awhile. His youtube is Drone deer recovery. Its a good listen
  7. Southpaw

    Hospice care info

    Im sorry Greg hate to hear this. Prayers
  8. Southpaw

    It been 2 yrs today

    So Sorry buddy. Prayers at a tough time
  9. Southpaw

    Remington 870 LW Special Field Sold

    Helluva good gun an deal. Congrats Chilly
  10. Southpaw

    Crazy Season

    Congrats Gary! Im praying things get better. You are one tough deer hunter
  11. Southpaw

    Buck in barn stall!

    I agree! Happens quite a bit
  12. Southpaw

    Proud papa!!!

    Congrats Brooklyn and dad. Great buck
  13. Southpaw

    The Shaman Nails a buck

    Congrats hes a dandy
  14. Southpaw

    Bad times for my great-grandchildren..

    Dang Carl, so sorry for your loss. In our prayers
  15. Southpaw

    Who’s out?

    Congrats DH
  16. Southpaw

    The Boss got a good one

    Congrats on a beautiful bull.
  17. Southpaw

    We in the hospital tonight

    Prayers buddy
  18. Southpaw

    Thanks, everybody..

    Wishing you the best Gary. Keep us updated on your progress. Praying for ya buddy
  19. Southpaw

    Scored on a stud 8pt

    congrats hes a dandy
  20. Southpaw

    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Glad all went well!