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  1. kyjohnky

    Marlin 45/70

    Shew I found a brand new one with the gray stock and stainless steel barrel with the big loop.But asking 2k for it which they are hard to fine but 2k is a little bit much I believe.
  2. kyjohnky

    Few more euros done!

    Slow boil for 1 hour pressure wash look if needs more time boiling.Once good many different ways of whitening. I use 3% peroxide let skull soak for 24 hours in a plastic container and avoid getting on antlers. I also put a small box of baking soda and clear dish liquid.
  3. kyjohnky

    Few more euros done!

    All with a little extra character.
  4. kyjohnky


    I updated the post as sold.
  5. kyjohnky


    I sold it but appreciate it sir.
  6. kyjohnky

    WTB-Rear tine tiller

    Just as post said looking for a decent walk behind tiller.Prefer nothing new around the Nelson,Marion or Frankfort area.
  7. kyjohnky

    Average age of members here

    46 years young!
  8. kyjohnky

    Couple of nice old Remington Shotguns.

    I can find 16ga all day long at Walmart.
  9. kyjohnky

    Anyone on here shoot Single shot centerfire rifles much.

    I have a 45/70 H&R shot it probably 15-20 times haven’t took it hunting yet.
  10. kyjohnky

    Couple of nice old Remington Shotguns.

    Pm sent
  11. kyjohnky

    WTB Ruger 44

    Appreciate it sir!
  12. kyjohnky

    WTB Ruger 44

    Just kicking around the idea of buying one. I had one and was stolen years and years ago. I’m looking for the super redhawk 7.5.
  13. kyjohnky

    Euro mount question?

    I always get it to a good boil and slow it down to a gentle boil for about 2 hours. I take a pressure washer and it does the rest. I never had a problem with the nasal cavity other then the piece of Cartlidge and I removed it with needle nose pliers. I also add a small box of baking soda...
  14. kyjohnky

    Free youth weekend

    Taking my youngest daughter this evening for her first deer hunt.
  15. kyjohnky

    Cheap at home shotgun!

    I don’t know much about them,but priced nicely Kygunco.
  16. kyjohnky

    Biggest deer you’ve ever seen on the hoof?

    While hunting was at lbl in 1996 and couldn’t get a shot 170 plus.While at work I seen a few pretty sure this is the same buck.
  17. kyjohnky

    Christmas Lightshows

    Grand rivers ky had a good amount of lights.
  18. kyjohnky

    Early Merry Christmas Everybody.

    Merry Christmas to each and everyone!!
  19. kyjohnky


  20. kyjohnky

    Roll Call 12/16

    In box blind at 4 killed at 430 not bad.Could be the biggest doe I have ever killed.Hunting Marion co today.

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