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  1. Timp2

    Beretta CX4 Storm for Sale-price drop

  2. Timp2


    I’ve heard they aren’t really coming up yet, was asking around yesterday actually
  3. Timp2

    Leupold scope info

    Thanks for the info, wasn’t aware of that
  4. Timp2

    Leupold scope info

    I’ve been back and forth between these and Zeiss Conquest V4 for a Tikka superlite .300wsm I recently got. Both 12x on the high end
  5. Timp2

    Average age of members here

  6. Timp2

    Beretta CX4 Storm for Sale-price drop

    Bump, price drop
  7. Timp2

    Bull making its rounds

    Great bull, did you find his sheds last year?
  8. Timp2

    Seek one/Duck commander

    Good video, stir fry did look great!
  9. Timp2

    Beretta CX4 Storm for Sale-price drop

  10. Timp2

    Who has seen the Biltmore Estate???

    I think th family does still have an occasional event in the “ballroom” like they would have had 100+ years ago there. I enjoyed the old taxidermy in that room more than the average guest when I was there lol
  11. Timp2

    Anyone own a Kimber Ascent?

    If you go Tikka check out the $40 vertical grip upgrade they sell for the stock. Made a big difference to me for the one I recently got.
  12. Timp2

    Beretta CX4 Storm for Sale-price drop

    PM if interested. $875 for gun and all accessories. Located in Louisville. Fun range gun and easy to shoot light recoil option for inexperienced shooters. This one uses beretta 92 style magazines but adapters are available to switch to px4 Storm mags Beretta CX4 Storm 9mm with —factory hard...
  13. Timp2

    Seen a small herd of cows this evening

    Yes, I think their goal was to release around 50. I have seen pictures of a couple of different bulls in Mccreary and know one was seen in Williamsburg and Corbin this fall that probably wondered over from that release
  14. Timp2

    Cast iron finds

    T Thank you for the help! Glad I asked because there is a lot to it I wouldn’t have known
  15. Timp2

    Cast iron finds

    Here’s the bottom
  16. Timp2

    Cast iron finds

    Hard to see but can anyone recognize what brand this is? Letters very hard to see. Just got it from my mom’s parents old house. Papaw passed away a few years ago at age of 93 so it could be very old or not old at all for all I know. What do I do to it before trying to use it? Edit: wouldn’t be...
  17. Timp2

    Bait making

    Mostly stained with some hand drawn or painted fur under the stain on some. I actually used Devcon 5 ton epoxy thinned down a little. Really tough, not easy to get a perfect bubble free coat but I wasn’t overly concerned with the looks really
  18. Timp2

    Bait making

    Thanks One of those is bass one is pine. Those are just galvanized eyelets and a galvanized nail cut off on both ends for the joint pin. No rust issues as long as I let them dry long enough before putting away Yes they are wake baits, bills I cut from a piece of Lexan which is a more durable...
  19. Timp2

    Bait making

    Haven’t made any in a few years but got into making rat wake baits after a guy from California whooped everyone on one in a college tournament. One he was using was $80+ online so started making some myself. Not perfect looking but run really well
  20. Timp2

    The Boss got a good one

    Awesome bull, congrats to you both!! Did she use the same rifle you used on your pronghorn hunt or a different setup?

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