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  1. mcdenney

    Blue Tongue

    Found a dead head in harrison last weekend. It’s been reported.
  2. mcdenney

    A contender

    All I see is sand?
  3. mcdenney

    Hunters for the Hungry Teaser

    Buckfever, I am pretty sure you and I have talked about this in the past. I think this is a great program! However, the lack of visibility into the execution of dropping a deer off to be donated is what concerns me. Hunters do not know how many are available real time, etc and some processors...
  4. mcdenney

    AKC Registered English Setters For Sale

    All dogs are sold. Thank you!
  5. mcdenney

    Christmas Presents..

    5 Beavers, 4 coons and a grinner....
  6. mcdenney


  7. mcdenney

    Trashy Beavers

    Not something to be proud of but I had to do something! Suckers are destroying my corn field and some trees on th creek. They gots to go!
  8. mcdenney

    Trashy Beavers

    I like my beavers a little on the trashy side! Two more down. 34lbs and a 50lber on my scales.
  9. mcdenney

    Got Beaver?

    Thanks! I just had it stuffed, lol.
  10. mcdenney

    Got Beaver?

    He was unfortunately, lol. 32lbs worth according to my scales.
  11. mcdenney

    Got Beaver?

    anybody around central KY want a beaver hide?
  12. mcdenney

    207 class deer down in Shelby County ?

    Wow...... I am sure glad I saw this and copied it into my response for future reference, before it gets deleted or westkybanded disappears via the clintons hit men...... I have always heard old buckfever is much like Coral at snipe creek with his un-canning hunt models, kind of a...
  13. mcdenney

    Elk decline? Anyone see this?

    No comparison now to the number of elk in the counties which I used to see lots of elk. I mean large areas were you could see 25 to 50 elk if you looked now have zero elk and hardly any sign. You can hunt those same large areas that were once plentiful with the same habitat and if your lucky...
  14. mcdenney

    AKC Registered English Setters For Sale

    The female is sold and the new owner is happy as he should be. He got one of the best young dogs I've seen in a while. The young male and older male are currently still for sale. I don't expect either to be around much longer.
  15. mcdenney

    AKC Registered English Setters For Sale

    Sent you my cell number. Thanks.
  16. mcdenney

    Registered English Setters

    Responded and sent you a text. Call my cell and we can talk. I'm going to be in and out of cell coverage tonight and tomorrow. Available Sunday. Thanks Nick.
  17. mcdenney

    Registered English Setters

    For sale notice in the classified if anyone is looking. Any of these would make a fine bird dog. Thanks!
  18. mcdenney

    AKC Registered English Setters For Sale

    My dad, turning 80yrs young in a few days, is wanting to cut back on the number of bird dogs he has. So he has decided to get rid of a few. For Sale 3 AKC registered English Setters. Two are started dogs (one male and one female), both 2yrs old and liter mates out of Terhaars Elvis (which was...
  19. mcdenney

    WTB- Loggy Bayou Carbon Fiber Climber

    I have an older aluminum loggy bayou climber but it is not carbon fiber.
  20. mcdenney


    Dog proofs!!! I have been running them the last few years with great success. I think I caught somewhere close to 20 last year in a just a few weeks. I just need to do more of it. I am not super close to my place so it takes a little time to get there and constantly check traps. This...

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