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    Won't stay logged in

    I'm having trouble staying logged in. If I leave the site, even for just a second, when I come back the the forum, it has logged me out. I click the "remember me" box but it still logged me out every time I leave. Up until a month or so back, it would keep me logged in for weeks on end.
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    Potential state record bow kill?

    Like wad said above. Those measurements are just there for reference. If you look close, the only spread measurement that is added to the final score is the inside spread. On all those "score sheets" in the magazine, if you will add the two side totals together and then ad the inside spread, you...
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    Special Gift From LBL

    I just read this thread for the first time and I can't believe my eyes. I just started a new job a couple weeks ago and one of my coworkers is an avid bowhunter that hunts lbl almost exclusively. Last week we were talking about strange things we had seen or ran across in lbl and he told me that...
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    He's back!!

    Saw this on Facebook this morning. The good ones never die do they. Lol. By the way, it's been a while since I've been on here. Glad to see everyone is still kickin. Happy trapping. I'm gonna try not to be such a stranger this season.
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    Bad end to my morning hunt....

    I dropped my browning a-bolt out of the stand opening morning about 15 years ago. Had it cradled in my arm and when I stood up, the barrel hung on a limb and flipped it right out of my arms. Fell about 20 feet and broke in half exactly like yours did. I remember thinking the same thing about my...
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    300" in ohio yesterday

    Why did they take the original thread down??
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    Great looking bobcat

    That's about as pretty of a cat as you'll ever see in Kentucky. !!!!
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    What kind of mushroom/fungi is this?

    I think your right about it being a armillaria. Thanks for the research. I was just curious. I just read a little about them and is says in some European countries they are ranked above morrells as far as taste. But even when fully cooked they can be mildly toxic when consumed with alcohol. Says...
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    What kind of mushroom/fungi is this?

    Defiantly not gonna taste it. Lol. I'm not into mushroom roulette. I did think it kind of resembled a hen of the woods but I didn't know. The only mushroom can positively identify is a morell, so other than that, if it don't come from the store, I ain't eating it.
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    Military Aircraft Refueling Routes

    Where I work, in Lyon county/Eddyville, we see helicopters refueling all the time. About twice a week just like what your seeing. It was pretty cool the first few times but now it's just a common site. It's still pretty amazing to think about what it takes for this to happen. I'm sure these are...
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    What kind of mushroom/fungi is this?

    It's about the size of a hard hat and its growing at the base of a tree. I think I have seen some like it in the woods before but never in my yard.
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    Any ideas what could cause this

    Armadillos. LBL is crawling with them now. We saw 6 or 7 one night last year between north and south check station. Haven't been through there this year at night but I figure there is still plenty of them.
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    Everyones Top 3 favorite freshwater fish to eat

    Bluegill Crappie Spoonbill Not necessarily in that order.
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    2014 booner is home.

    Thanks guys. I figure this will probably be the last deer I mount so I wanted it to be somthing special. I built the base but Doug did all the habitat work. I couldn't be happier with the job he did.
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    Arrowhead hunters?

    Somebody just had to go there. Jeeze. Anyway, beautiful pieces guys. I've lived in marshall county all my life and use to do a lot of arrowhead hunting here too. So I'm really shocked that a pottery piece that intact was found here. Awesome find! The tooth is really cool too. I've always wanted...
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    2014 booner is home.

    Got my certificate from Boone and Crockett a couple weeks ago, and got my mount back today. Officially scored 197 gross, and had a net score of 189 5/8. It was suppose to go upstairs in the man cave but after my wife saw it, she picked out a nice place in the living room. Lol. Couldn't be...
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    106 pound silver carp from Lake Barkley

    They are selling silver carp fillets at the Ledbetter fish market under the name "kentucky blue snapper". Lol. I guess the thought it would sell better if it didn't have "carp" in the name.
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    106 pound silver carp from Lake Barkley

    When I first heard about it I figured it was a bighead. But after I saw the picture, I'm convinced it is a silver. The eyes on a bighead are a lot lower than silvers and their mouths are a lot bigger. Larger bigheads usually have a darker mottled color to them too. Either way, it is a monster...
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    Cat weight ??

    I caught a 28 pounder last year. Weighed on digital fish scales. I saw on trapperman where Matt jones had a 30 pounder on certified scales at the fish market last year also. I'd say most of your cat stories much over 30lbs are just that, stories. Don't get me wrong, cats can grow over 39 lbs but...
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    Finally broke the ice

    Congrats on your first yote nock!! That's my go to bait and lure right there. That's a heck of a feeling walking up on that first dog ain't it? This first of many I'm sure!

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