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  1. riverboss

    New mossberg 930 not cycling shells

    When you sat won't cycle do you mean it's not opening and ejecting or not putting a new shell in?
  2. riverboss

    Been dippin some

    Dipped a Tc Omega in horns and acorns really looks cool!
  3. riverboss


    Chasing tail at it finest!
  4. riverboss

    House Oversight chair Comer says '6 or 7 Biden family members' potentially involved in business schemes

    About time for the Clinton's kill team to take some people out! Bidens are getting sloppy!
  5. riverboss

    End of quota hunts?

    One way to fix it would to make it buck only with a minimum 60in spread!
  6. riverboss

    End of quota hunts?

    All gun hunters should get Reperation for not being allowed to hunt property purchased with money from their license purchase! After that they should get a 50% discount on their license for the rest of their lives and a bonus buck tag every yr, if they fail to harvest any bucks that yr they get...
  7. riverboss

    Marlin Goose Gun

    All you have to do is point it at a turkey and you've gained 4 yrds.
  8. riverboss

    End of quota hunts?

    I see it coming in the near future! Insurance company's want the deer killed with the expansion of night time coyote hunting and the numbers of people hunting them the fawn deer population will go crazy and the deer numbers will get out of hand! The state makes more money off firearm hunters in...
  9. riverboss

    Na Na Na, Na Na Na...Heeeey, goodbye

    She probably got laid! She really needed it!
  10. riverboss

    Shotgun coyote this morning

    Good lick Johnny!
  11. riverboss

    I'm impressed with that pattern

    Mine were 3 1/2 in.
  12. riverboss

    I'm impressed with that pattern

    The old winchesters red ones in #4 used to shoot great out of my Browning gold, I killed a bunch of birds at 60 yrds.
  13. riverboss

    Trump is done.

    Dumb ass!
  14. riverboss

    Been dippin some

    Finished this one today marlin x7 243 I bought off a member here.
  15. riverboss

    Blake Shelton Louisville concert last night

    Keith urban puts on a hell of a show also!
  16. riverboss

    Blake Shelton Louisville concert last night

    Would love to see him at riverbend!
  17. riverboss

    The SOS is getting old. How about a picture thread?

    Drees employee headed to work!
  18. riverboss

    Something positive

    Incredible story! Her life story started very early can't wait to see what Incredible things lay ahead for her!
  19. riverboss

    Tucker: This video tells a different story of Jan 6

    Yea he's about as sharp as a railroad track!