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  1. killinmammals


    I use a cast iron Dutch oven filled with vegetable oil heated to exactly 350. I let the rabbits soak overnight in buttermilk, then roll in egg wash, cover in flour and drop in the hot oil. After a few minutes they are ready to eat!
  2. killinmammals

    which semi-auto .308?

    Of course with custom, but not out of the ones he listed.
  3. killinmammals

    which semi-auto .308?

    Scar for what you want. If you ever decide you want long range you won't beat an OBR, then next the SR-25
  4. killinmammals

    A day of smoking

    SAMS club in BG
  5. killinmammals

    Romney/Ryan Look-a-Likes

    Mooshells lookalikes are better
  6. killinmammals

    A condensed build-along Rem 700

    whenever I get all the money together you know I'm heading your way
  7. killinmammals

    New Biscuit recipe

    Tell you fellas what...barney bring the pig, Pentail bring the at my house and share
  8. killinmammals

    Florida keys?? Anyone been there ?

    Went in January for my honeymoon in '09. Hardly any gay people(that I could tell, some of you may pick up on that stuff a little better haha). We ate good, drank a lot(well, I did anyway), and...had a good time. Plenty to do in the Keys, we plan on going to back in a year of two for the Sail...
  9. killinmammals

    NOAA Buys HUGE Amount Of Ammo!!

    stocking up for civil issues across the country....
  10. killinmammals

    Black Panther's latest message

    The fact that they get off with the death threats and other crap they pull is just pathetic and those that let them off show how spineless they are. Tell them to visit certain places in the south and try to stop some rednecks from voting instead of the prissy northern city people
  11. killinmammals

    @ Pentail

    Ill be trying this soon, homemade nanner ice cream is my favorite, peach is second
  12. killinmammals

    So Shiz, when you going to open?

    You are a very busy man, don't over work yourself!! Big things are on the horizon!!!
  13. killinmammals

    Talk about your sleeper!

    THAT is awesome
  14. killinmammals

    Pork Ribs

    Looks good enough to eat!
  15. killinmammals

    Gas went up almost 60 cents a gallon in 2 days here

    Pay no attention to this! Pentail has been brain washed by the government and it's being passed on to us....
  16. killinmammals

    Witnessed something bad today

    I bet you would have cried yourself to sleep when I kicked a pitbull right in the face with my steel toe size 13 boots...but if you saw the entire event and still got mad id just let the dog rip your throat out and move along
  17. killinmammals

    Burglar Dead After Abortive Hart County Break-In

    I work in the area and have told several patients I'll wait for them to answer the door before entering their house. Had a patient jokingly tell me to quit knocking on his door and just come in and yell for him, I told him not a chance after his neighbor proves why I don't just walk in. He...
  18. killinmammals

    WKU allows guns in parked cars on campus

    Dang, you walked farther than me. I parked on the streets surrounding campus. Walked less than I would have if I parked in the lots
  19. killinmammals

    Here we go! Ban on online ammo sales.

    Bill? How did you sign on under New Guy...wait... There are a couple places that already require it to make sure the buyer isn't under age. You email or fax them a copy of your id. I don't buy from them. Any way you want to put it, its more bs from our government trying to take a step...
  20. killinmammals

    Garden 2012

    Can't be booner bucks...Bill says they are everywhere in this state, you must be hiding a P&Y stock of mountain lions!!!!!