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  1. Buck_Nasty

    Kentucky Coyote Competition to Honor Forum Member

    Sent you a message, started conversation or however you do Couldn't find a PM option. Do not know if conversation has taken it's place or what.
  2. Buck_Nasty

    Kentucky Coyote Competition to Honor Forum Member

    There will only be 1 check in, which will be on Sunday, January 27th at the Clay County Industrial Park. There is no address for the place that I know of. I'm gonna get the GPS coordinates for it and post those as well. It just an old strip job located off the Hal Roger's Parkway. The entrance...
  3. Buck_Nasty

    Kentucky Coyote Competition to Honor Forum Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t even noticed that on the flier.
  4. Buck_Nasty

    Kentucky Coyote Competition to Honor Forum Member

    I think it's been several years since I've logged in or posted on this forum. The reason for me logging in now it to post up information relating to an upcoming Coyote Hunt Competition set to take place in January 2019. This hunt will be held in memory of forum member BG33, who some of you old...
  5. Buck_Nasty

    Band Images

    Sorry that my work isn't hunting related, but I shot these yesterday of a local band in London for artwork on their second album cover. The drummer is married to my cousin, and he can make them Ludwig's smoke. Only set up half of the set for a prop. You can check out some of their tunes on...
  6. Buck_Nasty

    UK, Calipari agree to extension..

    I don't post here as much as I used to. However, I've got to get in on this as I can't believe what I'm seeing from some of you guys. I been preaching for quite a long time what some of you guys are saying about Calipari not being the coach some seem to think he is, and winning a lot of his...
  7. Buck_Nasty

    Name the movie

    Where did you get that seat cover son?
  8. Buck_Nasty

    Name the movie

    That's Commando isn't it?
  9. Buck_Nasty

    What was your crazyest job when you were younger ?

    For me, it was a guide for an outfitter. Had this guy named Tony from Kentucky once that harvested a elk, and everything went smoothly. But when we said we needed to take some pictures, he started shedding clothes. Then he put his blaze orange vest back on and flexed up for the picture. Strange...
  10. Buck_Nasty

    Keep One Drop One

    Summer Sausage...
  11. Buck_Nasty

    Keep One Drop One

    Tree Rat ....
  12. Buck_Nasty

    New toy!

    Great photo.
  13. Buck_Nasty

    Just a few

    Thanks for sharing, CP. Some fine table fare right there..haha
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    Cortizone shots

    I used to take them. Had knee surgery in 1996 for a torn meniscus. Following the surgery, I had problems with the knee. I forget how they measure fluid, but before the surgery, I would have something like 20 cc or something. After the surgery, I was having 80. My knee was blown up like a balloon...
  15. Buck_Nasty

    Gonna be in the market for an AR, what is a good one?

    If your not dead set on a brand new AR, than you can find some deals on used ones right now that you couldn't build for $1,000. I recently picked up a BCM (Bravo Company USA) with Spikes Tactical lower. It was equipped with a Magpul Bad Lever ($30), MBUS Pro Steel Flip Up sights ($190 a set)...
  16. Buck_Nasty

    Wheel Guns

    Great choice on the Ruger. If, by chance, you decide in the future to scope it, check out this guy. He makes excellent products. You can also see how these no drill mounts install by watching some you tube videos. Friend of mine...
  17. Buck_Nasty

    Whats the weirdest thing you've seen on Public Land?

    Looks as if someone might have put it on the ground, Ballard. Some pictures floating around the web of a big cat out of Bourbon County biting the dust today.
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    JDMiller provided you correct information, Ed. You have a Marlin. Barrel should have JW or JM on it somewhere.
  19. Buck_Nasty

    College playoff, who's in?

    Early says it best...Money Choo Choo!!!!!
  20. Buck_Nasty


    I will agree with this on the new Marlins, or as I like to refer to them, Remlins, being on a lower grade than the older models. Case in point was just the other day, a gentleman was talking about a new Marlin he bought and was showing it off. He was harping on how much better the new ones were...