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  1. just me

    Archery History

    Good eye... Eastern Redbud, another victim from the ice storm. Its about 64" right now. Kinda small and has a little twist but its pretty. Not sure if it will make a bow or a bow rack.
  2. just me

    Dream Fishing Destination?

    I like the act of going fishing as much as the catching part. With that said sliding a canoe or kayak into the water would have to be a part of my "dream fishing destination". I've caught a lot of muskie, paddled the gulf for snook, trout, and redfish, road along in glitter boats to the top bass...
  3. just me

    Season prep starts early in the trad world!

    I like to fish an awful lot but still find myself escaping the heat to build some arras. Friend in Louisiana has requested 18 so that's got me busy right now. You got a real nack for repurposing Carp. Enjoyed those pics.
  4. just me

    Season prep starts early in the trad world!

    Im from east KY. Hard to take even a practice shot thats not elevated.
  5. just me

    Archery History

    Still need to make a bow. Laid up about 20 pignut hickory staves this past spring from a tree that the ice storm brought down.
  6. just me

    Archery History

    This will be my fourth season going trad only. Along the way I've developed quite an appetite for its history as well. All my hunting bows are 1960 and earlier. I now build my own arrows and fashion most them after the old themes used by Pearson & Bear. Also have a real interest in old leather...
  7. just me

    Corruption in KDFWR worse than EHD!

    Not surprising. Might as well tell us which commissioner it was. Bevins is the one for that district.
  8. just me

    green river lock and dam #6

    Did an overnighter thru the park this past October. That was my first trip on the Green. The first half was awesome, the second half was enough to make me never want to come back. Will it be a better trip? Yes 1000x
  9. just me

    Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry Bull Elk Commish Tag Raffle

    Where can I sign up for the elk meat donations? :)
  10. just me

    More from Montana

    Thanks for sharing.
  11. just me

    207 class deer down in Shelby County ?

    I've heard of but not seen or confirmed 347 mountain lion sightings. Called F&W and they told me I was high.
  12. just me

    Ohio hunter shoots dogs, gets in trouble

    SSS works everytime
  13. just me

    Is the rut over?

    Heard of and saw reports of tending as early as 3rd week of October and as recent as last week. Just judging by that, I would say the "peak" is behind us. It depends on what you refer to as the peak though. I'm referencing the 2 week +/- window that most (more than 50%) of the breeding takes...
  14. just me

    Zone 1 unlimited does hope your happy

    Dang, You hunt more counties than I have sits this year so far.
  15. just me

    Booner #3 in Kentucky

    Hurley the envy is real thick here in this thread. Just grin and take it as a compliment. Congrats on a super accomplishment. We'd be crazy to not be jealous.
  16. just me

    What's the deal?

    Its the rut. Can be wide open or dead. If you aint seeing them, somebody else is.
  17. just me

    Do you shoot a rage? May want to see.

    You sure ruint the ham on that one. What a terrible shot angle.
  18. just me

    chasing and another scrape closeup

    This weekend should be prime! Good luck wadem!
  19. just me

    Whatever Happened To????

    Video killed the radio star. Became acquainted with some good peoples here, most who don't participate on this forum any longer.