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  1. inchr48

    Boat motor trouble

    Check your air intake. I had a mud wasp nest one time and at speed it would clog the air intake and bog out. Idle was fine.
  2. inchr48

    Wtb Boxer Puppy

    Any dog shows near you (check AKC website), find out when boxers show and go talk to some people. Good luck on your search.
  3. inchr48

    Double .410’s and .28’s?

    We shoot the CZ (Huglu) in 20 and 28. Ours are both double trigger models.
  4. inchr48

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Do you like to use flour or corn starch to thicken fruit pies? Some even use tapioca.
  5. inchr48

    Close call

    Two lightning rods on our old farmhouse. Heavy braided cable to rod in ground. Seen the ground smoking a couple times over the years. Our plumber had a house that had water in the gas lines due to same issue you had. Stove burner would spew water when turned on. Scary stuff!
  6. inchr48

    Back to Eden Gardening

    We save our kitchen vegetable scraps, egg shells, etc in a mini compost bin. I have a large "tumbler" unit that I add grass clippings, wood chips, the kitchen compost, and the neighbor's horse manure to. It cooks for a week or 10 days, tumble it every day when I remember. I use it for top...
  7. inchr48

    Got a new ride!!

    We are on our 5th GMC van since my wife and I have been married. Good luck on the new wheels.
  8. inchr48

    I used Kentucky buglesnstruts for my elk hunt. They are State Troopers out of Hazard, and have...

    I used Kentucky buglesnstruts for my elk hunt. They are State Troopers out of Hazard, and have a Facebook page for contacting them.
  9. inchr48

    Finally Got Drawn

    Congrats, and carnivore is spot on. After about a dozen stalks, I finally got a shot at my cow in '13. Took a 57 yard shot to seal the deal. I made an approximate cow sized target out of burlap to practice on. No dots to aim at on those big brown beauties. Shot a 4 pin sight out to 75 yards...
  10. inchr48

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Dessert, Basil Hayden's Dark Rye and cookies.
  11. inchr48

    Today is the day

    Results are up on the "My Profile" page. No joy for me .............
  12. inchr48

    Pleasantly Surprised!!

    I bet a brine and smoke on the legs/thighs then into the beans would be great too!
  13. inchr48

    Need idea on Deer Roast

    ^ This Beef Broth, garlic, oregano, fennel seeds with your roast (seared) in crock pot. Throw in peppers and onions at end to get them tender crisp. Serve on rolls with broth on side for dipping.
  14. inchr48

    Felt like a gravy night

    Somethings, you can't unsee. Thankfully, gravy is one of them.....
  15. inchr48

    Gunsmith for Revolver Far West KY

    I have a K17 22 that I put a piece of Teflon tape on the ejector rod threads to keep it snugged up.
  16. inchr48

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Skillet breakfast. Saute onions, garlic, peppers, mushrooms, etc. Add grated potatoes, cook until softened, press down. Scramble 6-8 eggs, and pour on top. Salt & Pepper. Add your favorite grated cheese, put skillet in 325 oven until eggs set, and cheese browns. Add pre-cooked meat as...
  17. inchr48

    Mossberg 410 500 pump

    What load you shooting? Good luck!
  18. inchr48

    Heads Up on New Shotgun Shells

    Wonder what's really in the shells, can anyone check?
  19. inchr48

    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Ground Chicken burgers with diced onions. Had to have some horseradish cheese on a couple.
  20. inchr48

    yearly donation

    I was able to get an archery cow after a dozen stalks. Like you, had a good bull under 25 yards working to retrieve my cow, and walked up on these two in the fog on my first morning out. Good luck to all.