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  1. BubEastKY

    Is anyone hunting?

    I haven’t been in the woods because of work but I did see a small buck and a really nice 8 point with a broken g3 chasing a doe around noon today right in town. The 8 came out running at her full blast and grunting the whole way!
  2. BubEastKY

    2022-23 deer harvest photos

    11-25-2022 worked harder this year than I probably ever have and it made me think outside the box of how I’ve hunted all these years. It’s bittersweet everytime I put a tag on one. I hope in years to come that my love for hunting never fades!
  3. BubEastKY

    Black Friday/Nov 25th Roll Call

    Thanks! Looking at him I found a puss spot on his back and thought he might have been hired by another buck but skinning him out it ended up being a broad head. It was lodged in his spine, I don’t know how it didn’t paralyze him.
  4. BubEastKY

    Black Friday/Nov 25th Roll Call

    I almost went back to bed this morning but I decided to grind it out. I don’t think I’ve ever killed a deer in the rain but I can now mark that off my list! He’s no giant but he’s more than that to me! I think I’ve hunted harder this year than I ever have. Thank you Lord for giving us the...
  5. BubEastKY

    11/23 Roll Call

    Got up this morning and decided the bed was a better choice… came in at 1 so I could ease my way to the top and sure enough jumped a small buck. Never gave me a clear shot or I probably would’ve shot him since he was a lot closer to the house than I am now! Good luck everyone!
  6. BubEastKY

    11-22 Roll Call

    Hunted til about 1, saw 9 doe total, 3 different groups of three… still not a buck in sight!
  7. BubEastKY

    N O V. 2 0

    3 doe this evening and not a buck in sight… it’s been a grind this season.
  8. BubEastKY

    Canned venison

    We like it just dusted with a little flour and fried or sauté some mushroom and onions then add it in but there’s a ton of other things we use it for to. Like FlBoynKy said add it right at the end. It’s already cooked it just needs to be warmed up. My dad said they use to take it with them when...
  9. BubEastKY

    Nov 19 Roll Call

    She missed one opening morning and she’s hunted hard. She’s not picky and I’m just glad she loves hunting almost as much as I do. Actually ended up seeing him, a smaller buck and 5 doe I think. What little time we had to make a decision they didn’t seem real interested in the doe or fired up...
  10. BubEastKY

    Nov 19 Roll Call

    Out trying to brave the cold by myself this morning. It’s tough after almost freezing to death yesterday! Just hoping to see a deer at this point…
  11. BubEastKY

    Nov 18

    Went to menifee for the first time this year, total waste of time. The wife, my old man and me, not one single deer sighting and sign is absolutely minimal. We hung in until 12 with horrible wind and pretty heavy snow. Should’ve just hunted at home. Gotta love having 2 spots to hunt and of...
  12. BubEastKY

    Blessed again…..speechless….

    Awesome job little buddy! I love seeing kids enjoy God’s beautiful creation!
  13. BubEastKY

    Another mid day buck

    Congrats! That’s a dandy!
  14. BubEastKY

    Nov 13th Roll call

    Saw 3 bucks this morning, one spike, one with his rack broke off on both bases and a nice 8 I wanted to shoot but he was just to far away. Covered a lot of miles and that’s all we saw. Hiked in deeper at home this evening and had a pretty good hunt. Had a fork horn circle me at 7 yards and never...
  15. BubEastKY

    November 12 opening gun roll call

    Wife missed a good buck at first light… I thought I was tore up but apparently she was more tore up must’ve pulled the shot instead of squeezing. Just glad to be out and to finally see some movement here in Perry county!
  16. BubEastKY

    First bow buck

    Man can’t shoot one in a better spot than that! Congrats man!
  17. BubEastKY

    Euro mount is done & "Scar" has taken his place on the LR wall...

    Looks great on that barn wood!
  18. BubEastKY

    Daughter finally tagged buck

    Congrats! Looks like it was well worth the wait!
  19. BubEastKY


    Congrats! That’s a stud!