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    Kentucky business accused of not paying out money

    I came to post this exact message from wkyt I'm glad someone else is letting everyone here know exactly what these scammers are up to now. .
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    Day trip ideas

    @Tankt Drive your ass to me and get a free intact male Boxer.... Hell I'll even deliver. .
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    Average age of members here

    52 Born in 70
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    Fog free glasses

    Shaving cream works too. .
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    243 owners

    DPMS fill the niche? .
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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Some people are easy to talk to. Doug it was nice talking with and meeting you as well. Hope you enjoy the blind. .
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    22 Mag

    I prefer the tube fed over the removable magazine... I had to locate a magazine for a family member for his 882 Marlin 22 Mag .
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    I Found a Metal Box. Full of

    I've been in the store before....
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    Toyota Tacomas

    Check the frame on any Tacoma you look at... Mainly around the spring hangers on the rear differential. Those V6 camry engines just keep going, the 4 banger camry's are hit and miss. My brother is a Camry aficionado, I'd wager that he owns approximately 20 right now. The Camry V6's are harder...
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    Toyota Tacomas

    I've bought/sold/built over 25 different Tacomas mostly 95-2004 I just sold my last parts Tacoma a few weeks ago and still have several pairs of nice doors and one trans/T-case left in inventory. I went to the Tundra simply because I drag a 20 ft trailer a lot and more power for essentially the...
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    22 Mag

    I believe my 22 mag is a 883 tube fed J.M. stamp. .
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    Staying warm

    Funny thing..... I tried these a few years ago on a late gun hunt at Barkley I wasn't impressed with the heat provided, it just dissipated to quickly, I was not in a blind either, just sitting against a tree on the ground. YMMV .
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    Roll Call 12/23/22

    Looks like it's all you today, slingshot an all. .
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    Coon Hunters Trespassing Last Night

    I've seen the video, quite some time back... I won't support him in any way. .
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    Got it up.

    We're gonna need pictures of the deer you get. .
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    Youth Weekend

    My 13 year old is packing a Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag, he's fine with it. He declared last year that he was taking my Model 70 7 Rem Mag after shooting a deer with it. So he got himself a 7 mag. .
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    There was a plus 10% fee on top of the selling price $389,000 plus $38,900 equals $427,900 I'm pretty sure it was $389,000 then the 10% added to that. . I hate to hear about the family being divided, but death and money make for bad situations, and it doesn't have to be that way, but...
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    I went to an auction today... 77 acres of farmland went for $379,000 or $389,000 I can't remember which Amish bought it without the house. one barn had 3 decent looking wagons with running gears and wood floors brought $35 for everything in the barn. The house sitting on 1/2 acre lot brought...
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    WHAT have YOU been doing Today??

    Post the video!!!
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    10mm for 30-06 ammo