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  1. Munson

    New F&W regulations effective March 1

    I'm normally getting the peanut oil hot by 1pm ;) but... I don't want ANY time restrictions either.
  2. Munson

    2023 Morel season

    Howdy folks, long time no see. I figured HH was finding shrooms when i seen ppl was finding them in the bowling green mammoth cave area. I haven't checked the soil temp here yet but the easter lillies are starting to bud out. Goodluck
  3. Munson

    Annual acorn Exodus

    Whites are LOADED around here this year
  4. Munson

    Joke thread

    Did yall hear about the town that legalized weed and banned alcohol? ? It's said the residents was left high & dry....
  5. Munson

    Thoughts and Ideas on prepping for the upcoming SHTF later this year.

    @Carl here in my county they recently started giving out free grocery items a couple days a week. Im not sure what organization is doing it but I'll find out and let you know so you can see if they do that near you.
  6. Munson

    Return to Masks before Election

    I don't doubt it a bit. I guess it would be alright IF(a big "if") they would make it to where you had to enter your SSN# and some other identity proof to be verified. The computer geeks would no doubt figure out a way screw the system.
  7. Munson

    2022 morel season

    That's kewl
  8. Munson

    2022 morel season

    I was just starting to think about getting out and BAM! The temps drop below freezing, wind is crazy and its sleeting/snowing last night soooo... no i dont see myself beating the bushes till spring actually arrives. I never had many early black patches worth a hoot anyway..
  9. Munson

    Youth season April 2nd and 3rd

    Goodluck to Jr
  10. Munson

    C. A. T. S.

    Speaking of refs, did anyone else notice how often doug shows refs our conference & sec tournament games? I swear the man has personal beef with us. Must of got denied on his college application back in the day lol
  11. Munson

    C. A. T. S.

    The PeaCOCKS are a cocky bunch that can play pretty good and fear no one. They move the ball to the open man good too. I agree @drakeshooter about free-throw fest tournament. Lots of low scoring games bc of the refs IMO
  12. Munson

    Post up bucks that survived

    X2 what he said! ^^
  13. Munson

    Weird names for animals/Old timey names for animals

    Seems I've heard yanks call groundhogs "woodchucks"?
  14. Munson

    Rifled slug barrel vs rifled choke?

    I put mine to use this year (A-bolt w/rifled barrel) on a buck & doe. The doe done a backflip when hit in the neck facing me at 50 paces, the buck was rutted up hard and ran dead 20yds square into a tree... those trophy copper federal's will put em down fast with decent shot placement. I'm...
  15. Munson

    Good night of basketball

    He was one of the first college coaches that stood up against the kneeling BS too im fairly certain.
  16. Munson

    carhartt vax mandate

    Ive been buying Duluth here n there when i see a sale email for several years now when they went to Mexico. I still got a one old coat that was made here i been trying to wear out for many years. I'm finished with em and anyone else who forces this BS on their workers. @Ataulbe1 I hate it...
  17. Munson

    Good night of basketball

    I always liked him as a coach too. Did u see him turn red as a ripe mater instantly over that call he didn't like? Lol
  18. Munson

    Good night of basketball

    A&M lets their students have plenty good seating and it shows. UK is about the almighty $$ so its a snore fest with the season ticket holders being 50+
  19. Munson

    Good night of basketball

    Zebras and Coleman is killin us. Brooks the ball watcher needs to get his azz on da flo!!!
  20. Munson

    Most hated food?

    The smell of cooked cabbage is one of the worst smells on earth to me... won't eat it cooked or raw. I like lettuce tho. Don't like broccoli but eat the hell outta cauliflower... lol I'm weird i know. Wont eat onions & peppers unless i cook them with/ in something. Was surprised so many...