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  1. luckychucky

    Biggest deer you’ve ever seen on the hoof?

    Fort Knox gun hunt back in the early 90s, I was in the back of area 85 and it was the year the range was being built, absolute Monster that must have came off the tank range parallel to 85, I did get a shot at him but it was the biggest deer I have had a chance to harvest. Biggest I have seen in...
  2. luckychucky

    Unit 3 tag filled

    Very Nice! Congratulations!
  3. luckychucky


    I’ll send some prayers your way!
  4. luckychucky

    Need some prayers for C.W

    I’ll say a prayer as well.
  5. luckychucky

    2021 Buck

  6. luckychucky

    Ohio Giant

  7. luckychucky

    What's going on with LoneWolf

  8. luckychucky

    To the members of the ky forum

    Nice post! I’m like you, I miss my earlier years of hunting. Life takes us all in a different direction and things change and sometimes that influences our hunting. I like reading these post.
  9. luckychucky

    Looking for a Hawken

    Might find what you are looking for here. Classic Firearms and Parts (
  10. luckychucky

    Floyd county mature 8

  11. luckychucky

    Any ideas on score?

  12. luckychucky

    Old bows

    My first bow was a black bear back and then a Pearson Warrior. I will never forget the excitement learning about all the process of shooting, tuning, releases, targets and meeting people with the passion to shoot or hunt. I didn't have much money and my family didn't either back in the day...
  13. luckychucky

    Got squirrelly today!!!

    Awesome to see!
  14. luckychucky

    Rut alert

    Squirrels is all I’ve seen ruttin down here lol
  15. luckychucky

    Rut alert

  16. luckychucky

    Tonight closed out a great year

    Nice! Congratulations!
  17. luckychucky


    Thanks for posting. One day…. Lol. I’m going to see one of those lol.
  18. luckychucky

    Did Somebody?

    I was starting to read the comments as it got deleted. I liked some of the comebacks to the original question.
  19. luckychucky

    Bucks are dropping

    I have too.

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