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  1. DENNISdrpjr

    SAD Day Rabbit Hunting

    Hope he is ok.
  2. DENNISdrpjr

    For you wieghtlifters

    I think i will stick to my 6 set 6 rep workout,i dont want a third hernia surgery:(. Your a beast.
  3. DENNISdrpjr

    watch out kentucky, georgia is movin on up!!!

    Beautiful deer,it all boils down to management!!!
  4. DENNISdrpjr

    man cave 2

    Thats sweet!!!
  5. DENNISdrpjr

    Stand Stolen + patients = Biggest buck ever

    He was a old man.
  6. DENNISdrpjr

    finally got signed up [new memder]

  7. DENNISdrpjr

    Wet Buck

    Nice pics!!!
  8. DENNISdrpjr

    Go Cats! Muhahahaha!

    Go duke!!!
  9. DENNISdrpjr

    Prayers Needed... My brother fell

    He will be in my prayers!!!
  10. DENNISdrpjr

    My 08 P&Y 10 POINT

    Awsome buck!!!
  11. DENNISdrpjr

    basketball, who would you take

    I would just pull for DUKE!!!
  12. DENNISdrpjr

    Poacher Nabbed

    Thats great,about time one of those low lifes got it!!!
  13. DENNISdrpjr

    Today's pics 10/29

    Nice pics and one good shooter.
  14. DENNISdrpjr

    age and score!

    I would say 150 inch 4 year old.
  15. DENNISdrpjr

    Nice 10 (Pic From Stand))

    I shot at one the other day about the same size,shot right over his back and ending up killing a grasshopper.:D
  16. DENNISdrpjr

    Trail Camera's ?

    I have a cudde back capture and love it. Got over 2000 pics and its still good with the first set of batteries. You can get them for around $200.00 bucks.
  17. DENNISdrpjr

    How much do you pay for a hunting lease?

    We lease 200 acres for $700.00 dollars, but keep in mind its in North Carolina. I would imagine its a lot more in Kentucky.
  18. DENNISdrpjr

    Finally found my buck!!!

    The buzzards found him and i smelt him way before i saw him.

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