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    Wife gets it done!

    Well I turned my wife loose to hunt on her own for the first time last weekend, and she delivered! I put her in a different spot then we had hunted on Saturday for the simple fact of buck activity. Myself went to another farm where I'm chasing a booner, checked my camera, got settled in, and...
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    Best daypack

    I have a Badlands Summit and I love it! I pack a kitchen sink with me when I'm hunting and it has plenty of room for everything. It has plenty of pockets to organize stuff according to what I'm doing plus it's the best feeling pack I've ever had. I walk long distances to the stand and itd a...
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    Man Cave Completed!

    Thanks! The crown is just two piece. I have 9' finished ceilings so I bought some wider material. Nontyp was the install man, he's ab amazing trim man! I love can lights, I went ahead broke down and bought LED lights for everything I could! We haven't been here a year yet and I think they have...
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    Man Cave Completed!

    I finally got my 2014 Buck back to finish up my Man Cave! The taxidermist has mounted 5 deer for me so I wasn't in a hurry and let him work it in. If you're around west central Kentucky I suggest you check him out, Sam Coffey at Custom Wildlife Mounts! Awesome Work! I've got to move the pool...
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    Bad far

    I'm not sure what species of dog your wanting to use for tracking but I shot a deer in 2013 and called my cousin with a German Short-hair to help just to see because I had ran out of blood and it was starting to rain. The first afternoon the dog pretty much lead us straight to the deer, granted...
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    "New" Used bow recommendations

    I have a Mathews Helium and LOVE it! It's fast, quiet and most importantly it's light! There are some stands I hunt that are well over a mile from the truck and it's easy to pack something that light.
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    Growing Potential

    I should've brought you with me Sunday when I put these out so you could put the correct date and time on my camera for me! Just and FYI I know the local CO well and he knows everything we do it legit, even though he did have to come check out the fact I killed two bucks in the state of KY...
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    Growing Potential

    These three have sparked my interest so far!!
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    Got my 2013 Mounts Back!!

    So the first one was killed on September 8th as my first bow kill and I was ticked pink to have harvested this guy being it was my first buck with a bow. Scored 131 1/2 The second one came after I had purchased a bonus tag at a charity auction before the season began. Which is a story...
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    2nd BBD of the year!

    Thanks Billy! Yeah I should've listened to you! Life lesson learned! It's hard to turn that adrenaline down ;)
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    2nd BBD of the year!

    Thanks guys! The dog is my buddies German Short Hair and without him I'm not really sure If I would've found it. I actually walked across the deer before the dog found it, but Monday night when the snow/rain mix was washing away my blood trail the dog kept us heading in the right direction...
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    2nd BBD of the year!

    So I'm sure some of you that get on here often already know that I killed the 130" 8 on the second day of season and I stated I had purchased the bonus tag at a charity auction. Well I finally got to put it to use Monday afternoon! I had got pictures of this guy from late September till the...
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    No wind is bad wind in hot weather

    I just started using one and I'm not sold on it yet! Me and a few doe's had a moment opening morning. They couldn't figure out what was going on but they sure knew something wasn't right! I learned the hard way the battery needs to be charged after every hunt, mine was dead when I shot my buck...
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    Shooting House!

    Let me start off my saying.....before I get a "how much did that cost?!?!?!". Being in the construction business since 1983 most of this stuff was just "laying" around our shop for the most part. I'll start from the ground up! We used 10' 6x6 for skids then done 2x6 floor joist with an 8x8...
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    First Buck With A Bow

    22 yard shot, double lung, 45-50 yard recovery which is another story! I knew when I let it go that the shot was money around 7 pm Sunday. When I come back around 8 it took me 20 yards or so to find the arrow and any blood, and just my luck it was only the back half of the arrow. I thought I...
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    First Buck With A Bow

    I will try and keep this as short as possible but my passion is something that falls near and dear to my heart. As most of you know my father Keith (aka Predator) when to fight his battle with cancer on a level playing field March 2012. He was the man that taught me everything I know about...
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    2013 Covert Pic's

    Here are a few of my favorite Covert pics from 2013! Sorry about the date and time on a few of the pictures, I actually had that camera stolen but the thief failed to see the other camera so I had his picture and was able to get my camera back! I'm still waiting on a few studs from last year...
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    Knotty Pine T & G Ceilings

    Here is one that we finished on the lake last summer. I always like to do the clear poly to help brighten the room. We always put two coats on before install then sand and apply final coat after intall.

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