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    AR15 coyote rifle pics

    First time I took out the new AR

    Need info about abuse

    I know they can't do anything if she won't press charges. I really do not think she will but we made the first step for her if she wants to take the next. I hope and pray she does for her and the two small kids. One is 8 and the other is under a year.

    Need info about abuse

    I talked everything over with the co-worker and the law was called.

    Need info about abuse

    I am not close to her and know what I was told. Thank you

    Need info about abuse

    A lady from work came to me today saying that one of our co-workers got the crap beat out of her yesterday and showed me the pictures. My question is can we call the law to investigate this or will the young lady that was beaten need to? I know for a fact she will not call.


    Never thought about that. Dang!!!


    Thank you for the info. I will check into that and no I did not know what that meant.


    Planning my trip already for this summer and am going to the Bahamas. Anyone have some information on good places to stay at a fair price? Wanting close to beach. Also did you book everything on your own or did you go through travel agent? Thanks for any help. Dave

    here's too another season of whitetail hunting

    Thank you and Amen.
  10. DJONES

    Otter Creek Help

    Found another spot today that looked good till I went alittle farther and there it was a road. I guess I am just going to have to learn how to hunt public land. I can tell already I regret not signing up for Knox. Thanks everyone that has gave some info on OC. Dave
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    Otter Creek Help

    It seemed when we thought we went deep there was a dang trail right up from it. Going to scout afew more times then give heck start of the season.
  12. DJONES

    Otter Creek Help

    I went out and scouted Otter Creek for bow season and every time I thought I would see a good spot a hiking trail would be there next to it. I would walk deeper in the woods and more trails. This will be first season hunting Otter Creek and really could use some help figuring out this place. If...
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    Barn Quilt

    Looks great, the wife and I always wanted one but we never had a barn to put it on.
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    Decal Giveaway

    count me in. Dave
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    Chicken livers

    Derma Sciences GL-701 Surgilast Tubular Elastic Net - Size 1. Seen it on youtube and worked really good. Or I will cut chicken breast up into 1"x 1" and soak the breast in the liver overnight. Then I just use the chicken breast. Dave
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    Dog and garden problem....

    I had a black lab that loved tomatoes, her fav was the cherry tomatoes. Dave
  17. DJONES

    Life changing job opportunity

    Life is way to short and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Do what makes you and your family happy today. Dave
  18. DJONES

    Monster 40+lb Grass Carp

    Best I ever did was 20 lb on a flyrod. Congrats on your 40+. Dave
  19. DJONES

    Coyote Hunting Question

    If you don't get rid of some of them coyotes your deer population might go down anyway. JMO, Dave
  20. DJONES

    Bow Hunt Ft. Knox Worth the Hassle?

    I was able to use my wifes id card. When she past away in March it moved me to tier 4