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  1. kyhunter110

    Nov. 6th, who’s out?

    I’m in in Franklin county. Bumped a couple on the way in. We need some rain and a cold front in a bad way lol
  2. kyhunter110

    City Deer

    I’ve been bow hunting 10 acres in what I would call city-ish for a long time. It’s city-ish enough to see school buses every morning and afternoon. Close enough to a couple houses to use their wifi depending on where I sit lol. It has its advantages but also has a few disadvantages as well...
  3. kyhunter110

    Funny site

    I feel like I could write a comic strip about button bucks. They are some of the best entertainment in the wild.
  4. kyhunter110

    Hunting Lease nightmare

    Curious on the name as well. Pretty familiar with the area. Tough row to hoe over that way if you’re not a local.
  5. kyhunter110

    Roll Call Nov 4

    Slow morning for me. 2 scrub bucks and a pile of does and fawns. As cold as it was I thought once the sun got up that the older bucks might start moving. That wasn’t the case for me. At least some deer are moving. Back up in this pine waiting for a good one to mosey by. Good luck to everyone!
  6. kyhunter110

    1 Nov ROLL CALL

    Work for a few days this week. Back in a stand starting Thursday for a week straight. Can’t wait! Good luck today fellas!
  7. kyhunter110

    Halloween Roll Call

    Had a damn nice 4 yr old 10 point ease by at first light this morning. It was just dark enough I couldn’t tell which one he was. He lucked out today. After that saw a doe and dawn about 9:30. Got out at 11 and now I’m back up hoping big boy makes the same mistake he did yesterday! I’ll be ready...
  8. kyhunter110

    10/30 Anybody hunting?

    My target buck popped out at 3 o’clock this afternoon. I should have shot. He took the opposite route of which I thought he would take. I got greedy hoping I could get him in closer. Should have shot him at 30 yards when I had the chance. Then at 6 all hell broke loose. 4 different bucks were...
  9. kyhunter110

    Roll call oct 24

    Didn’t see anything this morning in franklin county. Wind kicked up and it started raining pretty good so I backed out. Buck was in the corn until about 7. They’re close to daylight hours. It should bust wide open anytime!
  10. kyhunter110

    Daytime movement?

    My target buck was on camera yesterday evening for the first time in daylight all season. Hoping he's read the script for tonight!
  11. kyhunter110


    Good luck! In a tree in franklin county. Saw 5 yesterday late morning. Hoping they will want to move before this rain sets in. Be safe!
  12. kyhunter110

    11/21 Let’s do this!

    Nothing in franklin county so far. Still can’t kill em from the couch, I reckon. Good luck everyone
  13. kyhunter110


    Seen a 4 yr old 10 this morning not close enough though. 5 does, a 2.5 yr old 8 cruised by about 10. Decent morning so far
  14. kyhunter110


    i have the lone wolf assault hang and hunt setup with 3 sticks. The more i use it the more i like it. It will take a little getting used to doing the hang and hunt. I've used mine about 6 times this year and every sit i get quicker at setting it up. As for the XOP my buddy bought the XOP because...
  15. kyhunter110

    Corn near mock scrape

    Have had them make a scrape under the same tree I put corn under. I’ll have to look and see if I still have the pictures. Currently have a natural scrape 10 yds from corn pile. It’s freshened up every time I go put more corn out.
  16. kyhunter110

    Found some AT&T Reveals

    ordered a verizon from scheels this past friday. If anyone else is looking!
  17. kyhunter110

    First Time Ever

    Jump on that 12 acres. I’ve got plenty of public ground to hunt in good counties, fortunately. But I have 10 acres I hunt as well in a different area. That 10 acres has been better to me than any other piece over the last ten years. You’ll make it happen!
  18. kyhunter110

    How much corn

    Lord I’m not sure I want to admit how much we put out hahah. We buy a gravity wagon full a month. I’d say at least 600lbs a week. That’s scattered on 4 or 5 farms though all pretty close together
  19. kyhunter110

    Day 9 Report

    Didn’t hunt this morning. Got in about 4pm and 2 small 8s and a fork horn came in around 5:15. Gold luck everyone!
  20. kyhunter110

    Already shedding velvet

    This guy was shed and completely clean by the 18th. Definitely the earliest I’ve seen one shed

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