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    FOR SALE Matthews Monster XLR8

    Matthews Monster XLR8 60 pound, 25 inch draw length QAD Arrow rest Treelimb 5 arrow quiver Extreme Archery Bone Collector 5 pin sight 8 inch Octane Stabilizer Custom black and pink string Pink harmonic dampners & string stop (I also have a black dampners and string stop if pink isn't your thing)...
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    Wireless cam?

    The att buy a session I use on all my Spartan Go Cams is $25.00 for 3 months that takes about 2 min to purchase online. Its the best $25.00 for 3 months I spend. The technology of the wireless cameras (especially the Spartan cameras) is worth every single penny. You know what deer are using your...
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    Illinois Success !!!

    Carroll County!!
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    Illinois Success !!!

    Thanks everyone for the congrats!!
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    Killed giant public land bruiser I missed yesterday!

    Congrats!! Awesome buck and my hats off to you for all the work you put in from start to finish. One of the best hunting stories I have heard in a really long time.
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    Illinois Success !!!

    I had a unbelievable week in Illinois. I sit all day from daylight to dark and was seeing 10-15 bucks a day. The rut was in full swing and I was fortunate enough to put my tag around this beautiful buck Monday morning at 8:15.
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    Shooter or not ????

    Looking for a little help here, how old do you guys think this deer is? What would be your best guess on a score and should I add him to the shooters list? Thanks
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    Finally a good one!!!

    Think he will score pretty decent ??
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    Finally a good one!!!

    Sorry for the bad lighting but out of 292 pics of him in 13 days every one of them were right before dark. Someone help me out with a possible age ?? Thanks for your time.​
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    UTV recommendations ???

    Just curious what you guys recommend for a good utv for hunting. I have lots of buddies with Polaris rangers and I get lots of mixed reviews. Some say they have never had an issue and others say they will never buy another. Looking for some good feedback. Pros? Cons? Honda Pioneer ? Can-am...
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    New one showed up!!!

    Had this guy show up since my last camera check couple weeks ago. Looks like he may turn into something. Sorry if quality is bad I took pic off computer screen with iPhone.
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    How much growing you think he has left?

    Just was curious how much growing this guy had left in him? How old do you think he is? Thanks in advance
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    Moutrie 990i

    Can anyone give me any feedback on the Moultrie 990i ? Pros and Cons would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!
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    Going to be sick

    Won't be the last time being married will effect a hunting trip. Haha just saying
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    Remember the Big 6 ???

    Thanks alot guys for all the nice comments. She is on cloud nine. She was shooting the rage hypodermic out of a Mathews Monster XLR8 on 53 pounds with a easton full metal jacket. We had to go with a speed bow for her because her previous setup had very little penetration. I was very suprised at...
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    Remember the Big 6 ???

    A while back, I asked y'all for your opinion on a big 6 that I wanted my wife to kill. She basically called dibs on it from the moment she saw it on trail cam. I ended up keeping a pretty consistent pattern on him, and the temps and wind direction were perfect for opening afternoon for that...
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    Check out this 6 pointer !!!

    Check out his bases do they look big to y'all ?
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    Check out this 6 pointer !!!

    Yes that is peanut butter jar. It was from last year never took it down. Ha I don't know if I will get the chance to take him or not my wife has fell in love with him and says that is her deer now. But if she gets the chance and that makes her happy that's what it's all about in my opinion. Love...
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    Check out this 6 pointer !!!

    Help me out guys, this 6 pointer has me very interested. Shooter ? Old or young? Score as a 6? Thanks for the help.
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    Mineral/salt licks

    I found a product about 2 years ago at a local outdoor store called infRACKion and it's dynamite for me. I put it out in march refresh it every month or month and half and the deer just go insane over it. I get 700-900 pics a week on just the mineral by itself. I have started seeing the product...

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