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  1. 8&sand

    how many nights a year do you spend away from home for work??

    Railroader. I’m able to hold a preferred turn now (21 years) & spend every 3rd night at the dorm. I’ve never added it up but working general pool turn could easily be 100-150 stays a year.
  2. 8&sand

    Before game cameras

    I’m running several cams on my lease & yesterday had a buck come out that I’ve never seen on cam. I was pretty sure I had a good inventory but was proven wrong.
  3. 8&sand

    Second rut

    Coral said the fawn rut is hitting right now, so.........
  4. 8&sand

    Update on:Socks (the buck)

    Just curious. What area of the state are you in?
  5. 8&sand

    Information on Rolling Fork River WMA

    Buddy ol Pal. I’ll give ya more than most mainly because I’m bored. A public forum is the last place to search for info on public hunting ground smack in the middle of season. Go hunt. That’s your best scouting tool.
  6. 8&sand

    turkey hunting knox

    Yes. Everywhere. Turkeys are everywhere.
  7. 8&sand

    2016-2017 Ft. Knox question and answer thread

    Unless it’s medical advise. This is the #1 go to for all medical questions!
  8. 8&sand

    What happened to quackrstackr

    Believe he was banned. Owed that Pendley feller some bacon & didn't pay up or somethin.
  9. 8&sand

    elk draw

    Heard several repeats have been awarded tags already.
  10. 8&sand

    Elk Drawing

    I heard they reached the limit for applications & shut it down early.
  11. 8&sand

    KDFWR hiring conservation officers!!

    Low pay & training equal to that of a navy seal. Just not a lot of folks out there willing to do it.
  12. 8&sand

    Super bowl grub?

    I'll pick up some fresh hoagie buns from the bakery. I let everyone pick their own toppings. I prefer good provolone with banana peppers & roasted Roma tomatoes. The wife is more traditional with white American cheese, mushrooms & a few green peppers. Once the sandwiches are made I'll pop in the...
  13. 8&sand

    Super bowl grub?

    Probably gonna smoke my last elk rump roast for slicing. Philly cheesesteak type sammiches. I did that for derby & it was unreal delicious.
  14. 8&sand

    Land for lease for 2017 deer hunting season

    Seen a place the other day. 1000 acres for 25k per year. If you want I can probably find the link.
  15. 8&sand

    2016-2017 Ft. Knox question and answer thread

    I'm not positive in the rules for active &/or retired military but for civilians you have to be signed up & regestered prior to season (August). Call hunt control to confirm though.
  16. 8&sand

    Elk Inner Loins

    Great eating. We've been eating on mine for a year now. One thing I learned quick with the steak type cuts is don't over cook. Other than that treat it just like beef.
  17. 8&sand

    Cow Success!

    He's good people for sure!

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