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  1. grousec

    Easter bird

    Finally got out for a while easter sunday. Got damp but was worth it. 24lb 11oz, 10 3/4 beard, 1 3/8" spurs. (sorry I by mistake turned 1 3/8 spurs into 1 3/4). Sorry for the false excitement.
  2. grousec

    My son got one today!

    Congratulations, nice bird and enjoyed the story.
  3. grousec

    2017 Spring turkey harvest photos

    First of KY season 24lb 11oz, 10 3/4" beard, 1 3/8" hooks!
  4. grousec

    Should KDFWR Close Feb. Grouse Season?

    I remember writing of my concerns of the decline on this forum probably 10 plus years ago and some replies were there are plenty of grouse on private land. I was hunting both and had hunted through the glory days, and it was clear what was ahead. Well its sad, not tooting my horn, each can do...
  5. grousec

    For Sale: Elhew Puppies

    Elhew Puppies due Sept 19, 2016 from foot hunting grouse dogs. Both parents proven and proven producers. These puppies have some of the latest blood from Elhew kennels. $600 males $650 females Mt Sterling Ky (859) 585-1410
  6. grousec

    looking for a Branson nickel bred stud dog

    Mike Branscum at Nancy Ky. He was the owner of Branscums Nickel from back in the 1980's.
  7. grousec

    Awbonnies Bull

    I think he was owned by grouse hunter Eric Jacobs who now resides in London or Corbin Ky.
  8. grousec

    22nd year going north to the promise land

    BirdBuster nice guns there! IIs that 2nd one down a flues? What guage?
  9. grousec

    22nd year going north to the promise land

    I made my first trip n 1983 missed a few seasons over the years but always look forward to it every October. Here is my latest vintage sxs, a Ithaca Flues 20 ga made in the mis 20's.
  10. grousec

    Premium Elhew Grouse puppies FS

    All sold. Thank you!
  11. grousec

    Premium Elhew Grouse puppies FS

    Have a few Elhew puppies still for sale from proven producers of grouse dogs. Puppies will be ready to go around 2nd week of May. Taking deposits now. (859) 585-1410
  12. grousec

    For Sale Hevi-13

    I have a full box of Hevi-13 3.5" 2 1/4 oz 7 shot, I would trade for the same in 3" or sell $21. May be the best turkey load out there.
  13. grousec

    KY Opening Evening

    Well had a great evening calling in this 21 lb bird with 10" rope. I used a David Halloran "Twisted Sister" in pic. Forgot to put my Mossy 935 in pic.
  14. grousec

    2015 spring turkey season pics Apr 18-May 10

    Evening of Opening Day. 21 lb, 10" beard. Using a David Holloran "Twisted Sister."
  15. grousec

    Grouse hunters that saw the good old days.....

    I started grouse hunting in the mid 1970's bought my first bird dog in 1973. Grouse were in good numbers then and into the mid 2000's. But I really believe over all the best hunting was prior to 2000. during the 1980-1990's I never really counted the flushes but I recall in 1983 one Sunday...
  16. grousec

    Charles Daly Repair

    I had a Charles Daly 20 gauge semi auto that I loved and was a great shooting gun but when I read that Charles Daly was go ing out of business I traded it. Not sure if they are repairing guns now!
  17. grousec

    mossberg 935 turkey gun

    I have a 935 pistol grip turkey model. Best shooting turkey gun I have fired, great patterns. I have had mine about 4 years. I think you will enjoy it.
  18. grousec

    2014-15 Ruffed Grouse Thread

    I envy you with that great looking grouse wand. I have a Ithaca NID 20 ga but I sure love the 28 gauge sxs's. I bet that thing is light and lively.
  19. grousec

    Elhew Grouse Puppies

    Just had to show off my puppies. This is a repeat breeding of 1 1/2 years ago of two great grouse dogs. Whelped June 11 2014. Excited...
  20. grousec

    sport is getting out of hand

    There are good pups for much less. May not be as close to a champion etc but never the less good pups out of proven wild bird dogs!

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