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    first time out

    These are some pictures from my little girls first time out deer hunting. we saw a couple deer that eve and when we got back to the house she said "daddy deer hunting is really cool when we goin again". needless to say im proud. I cant wait to start getting her out more and letting her learn...
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    Not A Buck But!!!!!!!!

    thats awesome.
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    Anyone kill a bear today?

    Why dont kdfw do the bear hunting like the elk hunting? seems alot of people dont even know ky has a bear season. I went for the first time during the bow season. never seen the first bear but had a lot of fun. j
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    foggy morning

    I got this picture on my covert camera. Thought it was cool, its my best non-game picture.
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    Top 25 Deer Pics ...

    Awesome pics as usual. I'm starting to wonder if you ever get bad pics!! Thanks for shareing.
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    Deer in the snow

    cool pic!!!!
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    January ... Ridiculously Pic Heavy

    Awesome as always!!
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    Random Trail camera pics

    not sure why they showed up so big but none the less it worked.
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    Random Trail camera pics

    I always enjoy looking at CovertHQ pictures he puts up. So I saved a few over the last several weeks. Nothing great I wish they could be of a buck of some size but no such luck. I hope i do this right. i havent posted any pictures in a long time.
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    Mountie A-5

    If it was me Id take the money you got in mind for the A-5 and spend it on a covert. Good cameras and outstanding customer service!!!!
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    Scariest sound in the woods?

    sitting In a tree seeing a deer headed your direction then grabbing your bow gwttin drawed back then lettin the arrow fly and not hearing that thwack!! Only the sound of the deer leap a few times then stand out of range blowing. By far the worst two sounds goin. If you ask me.
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    I used to see more deer before...

    Before Mt. Lions got so thick! Really did a number on the deer.
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    Mature 9 point

    Great buck. I don't no for sure but I'm guessing Brandon has more then one set up. Just because he killed a turkey don't mean "green jeans" goin to visit him. Way to get off the subject and good story of a great buck. Congrats again.
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    This is a "REAL DEER HUNTER"

    I would like to see this guy and Bear Grylls fight.
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    Two More Clay County Studs!!!!!

    My hole family is from Clay co. We also get the Manchester enterprise. Both of them bucks are for sure giants . Clay co has produced some giants this year.
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    What would be the chances

    I don't no a much about trapping but was wondering what would be the chances of catching a bob at in a live trap.. I figured slim to none. But still figured I'd ask.
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    Nice tom!!

    That's a awesome catch. Is their anything you can do to help catch a bob cat or is it just luck of the draw. I don't know much at all about trapping. But was just wondering how to catch one.
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    I think a lot of people have a time or two. Make for good story's at Hunting camp. Lol ha ha ha
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    Let me get this straight ...

    PETA sucks.. End of story!!!!!!!!!!

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