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  1. kybuckbuster

    Soybean harvest

    I’m hunting the lower side of a funnel and up above me there are soybean fields. I just found out the farmer is harvesting the soybeans tomorrow. Will deer still frequent the field the same for the next week or so? I’m not familiar with how efficient the combine is and if it leaves behind...
  2. kybuckbuster

    How old is he? and any other comments!

    Don't get much traffic on this property so he's me! Any thoughts on age or the deer in general? Not very much mass at all. lol
  3. kybuckbuster

    Who’s out

    Went near Nelson/Spencer border this morning. 2nd hunt and still no birds seen or gobbles heard. However, sign of turkey all over this property! On way out we saw a group of 5 bearded strutters hanging out in field. Why these guys hanging together?
  4. kybuckbuster

    Eye gouging

    Just a quick random thought: I’m shocked that more bucks don’t have eye issues with the sparing and fighting. You’d think it would be commonplace for an antler or tine to dismember an eyeball!
  5. kybuckbuster

    I think tomorrow will be one of the best days to go deer hunting.

    No My bullet wouldn’t have done that! Haha just messing around, that stinks but a least it’s action.
  6. kybuckbuster

    I think tomorrow will be one of the best days to go deer hunting.

    Deer are moving! Dad just texted me, “BBD- Washington Cty”!
  7. kybuckbuster

    Who's going out in the morning?

  8. kybuckbuster

    Who's going out in the morning?

    Get him?
  9. kybuckbuster

    Who's going out in the morning?

    You weren’t “comfortable” for a reason. I applaud your safety and responsibility. Good luck!
  10. kybuckbuster

    Who's going out in the morning?

    In the stand. Have my safety harness on per usual but almost feel like it might be dangerous to be attached to this tree if the wind picks up!
  11. kybuckbuster

    SALUTE!!.. 11-10-17

    I’d go check for him a few hrs before dark. I’m no expert but I do know you don’t wanna be chasing around a 10pt the opening morning of gun. If you bump him this evening or feel like sign tells you he needs more can make that decision then. Good luck and wear your orange tracking!
  12. kybuckbuster

    Roll call 11/7

    Nice deer!
  13. kybuckbuster

    Different type of question about deer hunting

    No Trespassing signs, barbwire, and start putting dead animal bones around the area. That's what the cornbread mafia used to do...maybe they'll think you're affiliated.
  14. kybuckbuster

    Buck I shot yesterday

    Nice deer and the story makes it even better! What county?
  15. kybuckbuster

    November 4th Hunting

    This warm weather has the property neighbors moving like crazy. Sounds like I’m hunting in a construction zone. Smh!
  16. kybuckbuster

    November 4th Hunting

    How does this make you feel?
  17. kybuckbuster

    November 4th Hunting

    Just saw a doe, Spencer/Nelson Co. border
  18. kybuckbuster

    Taylorsville Tailwaters

    Lots of snakes around those tailwaters. Not much worth fishing, I'd head to Tn if you really want to have a good time. Less snakes too!
  19. kybuckbuster

    Fish in Sympson Lake

    I've caught a few fish out of Simpsons Lake but just small bluegill. Lots of trash, a fee to fish, and limited habitat usually persuade me to try somewhere else. If you do check it out, watch out for the snakes during the summer!
  20. kybuckbuster

    Big buck down!!!

    What county?