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  1. grouse408

    Grouse Log Participation

    I got a kit not been out yet been waiting for deer season to go out probably get out this weekend
  2. grouse408

    Grouse Drumming

    I did here one while turkey hunting
  3. grouse408

    What will you do with your grouse dog?

    I will probably always have bird dogs as long as I can take care of them
  4. grouse408

    Grouse Drumming

    heard one Saturday while turkey hunting
  5. grouse408

    2014-15 Ruffed Grouse Thread

    went out Friday finally seen some birds got 1 grouse 4 quail and had 2 woodcock points
  6. grouse408

    37 days

    Guess I won`t make it this year going to mess it
  7. grouse408

    2013-14 Kentucky Grouse Season

    believe this is worst season I've had on finding grouse
  8. grouse408


    nothing yet hope it gets better not good for the dogs when they can't find none
  9. grouse408

    Anybody? Beeper collar help.

    Lovett's is what I use
  10. grouse408

    For those of you that do go north for grouse

    To me second week of October is the best
  11. grouse408

    who is going north/ are there birds this yr

    going to clam lake WI. October 12
  12. grouse408

    Grouse Dog Work

    beautiful dog pictures
  13. grouse408

    Grouse Dog Work

    got one of my dogs at trainer he's doing good getting ready for wisconsin
  14. grouse408

    Looking for game birds south east kentucky

    I Thank someone in magoffin co. has some birds don't no there name or number on rt.7 close to floyd co.
  15. grouse408

    Lets see some pic. of dogs going north

    looked at the pups about three weeks ago i all most got the male pup.that 16 month old female was nice.
  16. grouse408

    Lets see some pic. of dogs going north

    maybe next year.
  17. grouse408

    Grouse Drumming Survey

    heard a grouse drumming last saturday while turkey hunting in magoffin co.
  18. grouse408

    Dog food for bird dogs

    feed purina last hunting season i feed loyall kennel clean up was minimal.
  19. grouse408

    Everyone check in

    very luckey torando just mest me.had large hale and lot of rain.I cannot belive my sister made it she was working at advance auto parts in salyersville the store and a lot more places ar gone

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