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  1. bullet225ho

    Anyone shoot the old Remington

    You know they are the "deadliest mushroom in the woods"?
  2. bullet225ho

    Any big ones fall today?

    It's just not there yet for the old boys. The switch will flip within the next 7 days I suspect. (well...I hope. I'll be hunting all day bow hunts starting Tue through gun opening weekend)
  3. bullet225ho

    Field dressing

    I used to use a dedicated gut hook knife with a utility type blade in it to open a deer up initially and then I'd use a separate Gerber hunting knife to cut membrane and upper organs out. I switched to a Case Hunter/Trapper knife and it has both blades and a small saw blade. It's actually...
  4. bullet225ho

    Field dressing

    Well, You are correct. It's best to "start" the cut at the sternum...aka getting through the hide. Then cut down somewhere between the back legs (buck or doe) A knife that has a turned cutting edge is great for this so you minimize puncturing the intestines. And better yet to have head up...
  5. bullet225ho

    Field dressing

    LOL breath through your mouth and not your nose. you have the ability to do that without holding your nose. wear rubber gloves (I never have, but I figure it'll make you feel better) The biggest thing is tread very lightly around the guts of the deer. Open the deer up from butt to sternum...
  6. bullet225ho

    Anyone shoot the old Remington

    I've been shooting the core-lokt Green Box in 243 and 7mm mag. Ever since I was 12 (243. 100gn) I started hand loading ammo about 5 years ago and use bulk core-lokt bullets when I can find them for the 7mm Mag (175gn) My reloads go into a used green and yellow core-lokt box.
  7. bullet225ho

    Western Kentucky rut

    I've killed and seen my biggest bucks on either the Wed or Thursday prior to gun season. Of course these days change as it could be as early as the 6th or as late as the 12th of November. Seems like Later gun openers are the best.
  8. bullet225ho

    Little buck group still together.

    You got a group of future bruisers right there. Yeah....I'd say at this point they are all checking does and all three prob pushing each other around a bit. They probably get along as a dominant deer has whooped all three of there butts.
  9. bullet225ho

    What guns and ammo everyone using

    If I make it to gun season (starting bow hunting on the 5th) Ruger 77/44 bolt gun. Simmons Glass 265gn hand loads 1675fps....cover quarters at 100
  10. bullet225ho

    Little GA subdivision buck

    He dang sure isn't trying to get a camo endorsement.... I got a shirt that looks about like that and its 9 years his pants have to be around 14yrs old. side note....I swear by bowunter setup. I've use it and it works for me.
  11. bullet225ho

    Compound bows

    Darton 3800 here. Had it since 2011 and haven't shot anything that was worth the money to buy up at this point.
  12. bullet225ho

    Little pushing and shoving going on

    That 10 on the left is a porker. Dang! He aint missed no meals!
  13. bullet225ho

    First Robin Hood

    Heck yeah. Hate that you lost one or two arrows with the Robin Hood...but we told you...LOL What did you end up with? I'm just curious. As I said before...Most carbons are very good these days. I'm not going to pick on you for any brand for sure.
  14. bullet225ho

    Few Fawns

    This year we are seeing twins and triplets in Ohio Co. Every doe...twins or trips
  15. bullet225ho

    Haybale is back

    sucker looks good...real good. good luck to you and your daughter.
  16. bullet225ho

    Arrow FPS

    Hunting arrows to me are something in the 9-10gn per inch range (which is what a lot of arrows will end up after knock, insert, and fletching. Add a 100gn broad head and now the arrow is in the 13gn per inch range. Also I probably should have said "hunting setup" as most folks will use a D...
  17. bullet225ho

    Arrow FPS

    Darton Pro3800 J6 draw modules (30") 67lbs, GT Velocity 300 arrows 100gn heads. (400gn total) 314 fps. with limbs cranked down to 71lbs 324fps. The chronograph puts speed into perspective and humbles a lot of folks. Most bows in the 65-70lb range with a 29" draw are going to be in the...
  18. bullet225ho

    Carbons on a budget

    I still have 2 of the original 6 Browning XT By Gold Tip shafts that I bought back around 1998. Yes 21yrs... I went from the Browning labelled Gold Tip to the Gold Tip XT hunters and now shooting Gold Tip Velocity XT 400s. I have a new dozen that I picked up last winter from Bass Pro bargain...
  19. bullet225ho

    Color Blindness glasses

    I have a pair that my 9 year old got me for fathers day last year. He thought it would be neat if I could see color. I'm red/green and red/brown color blind. Annotated in military entrance medical exam. Him and his mother bought a pair online from Amazon. They were from a company in...
  20. bullet225ho

    Verdict on TSS

    Yep, 410 and 28 gauge here.

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