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    Why have there been so many more bucks

    My first bowkill this year was a doe in which I had four walk under me. This was late october and the first does I had even seen after five hunts. Later on Nov. 1 I killed my buck in the afternoon with my bow. I bought the bonus antlerless tags and continued to bowhunt but like others had...
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    big 8

    Super deer, love the chocolate rack
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    My 2011 10pt and my cousins 2011 10pt

    Double Awesome!!!
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    Green Eyed Monster

    I took my third largest buck to date with my bow this year, 10 pt, but my wife of 32 years went for her first ever deer hunt this time with me and killed a spike. I'm more excited and pumped up over her deer than mine. It's not about the size of the antlers that matters the most but the memories...
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    My girlfriends first buck

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    9 years

    About the title, it has been 9 years since I've taken a deer with my bow---missed one because or an unseen limb in 2005
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    Anyone else out bow hunting ?

    After using up my state tags on bowkills, which is not a bad thing, I was the video guy for gun season. I purchased the bonus anterless tag and finally went back this afternoon and never seen a thing. Apparently someone close did, right at dark the quite was disrupted with a high powered rifle...
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    9 years

    Sorry I haven't been on here for some time. Got this 10 pt on Nov. 1 with bow, my third largest buck to date. Had taken a doe on Oct 23rd on a morning hunt then switched to afternoons when this guy showed up. He had only been in the area 3 days before he met his fate.
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    looking for a good Frog Gig???

    I always used a fish gig that has 4 prongs, never had to worry about bent prongs just resharpen every now and then
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    Rough River Lake kayak trip

    Cool!!! I'm so ready to get into the kayak fishing
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    You know after yesterdays 2 mile wade one way at falling timber creek I would have settled for a childs plastic swimming pool. I was in water up to waist deep at times but mostly 3' or so. Going down wasn't so bad but the walk back agaisnt the even small current wore me out. Caught a mixed bag...
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    Bass Bait

    If it were one bait only year round that would be a jig, it can be used anytime. But I like to throw crankbaits as much as anyone and the shad raps are hard to beat but there are so many others to choose from that have there time and place. Yes don't leave out the plastics either, very good for...
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    I've owned a bass tracker boat and a scamper two man boat. I know fishing from a yak will be alot different and willing to accept that. The canoe would be better equipped for such outtings I'm sure and no dought keep one dryer. I want something lighter than I can throw around easily by myself...
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    I thought you had a kayak XI, remember a year or so ago you posting something about fixing one up to fish from. As far as the pelicans, even a guy at gander mountain told me to be warry of them. I'm thinking like you that without a dought several are sold every year and yes there will be some...
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    I've never done any yet but I do realize one would be sitting close to the water and that would be different by itself. I done a ton of walking through some really grown up bottoms this year and I'm thinking the yak thing would be so much better and allow me to get to fish more places that I...
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    I've actually done some looking on the dealers list and one notified me that shipping and handling was $275.00, so I said no thanks to that. Like I said before Gander M. is suppossed to carry elie and do have the 120 style and advertise the 100 but says they are out of stock for an unknown time...
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    I figured being so close to the water that I would be getting some water on me, I have done my homework as far as what I'm looking for. I know there are some really great yaks out there it's just this particular elie has everything I'm looking for. I like the big back space it has as well as...
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    Thanks guys, I have tried several places by phone today with Duhams being one. They have the pelican castaway 100 which is the same mold as the elie 100. I rather would get the elie because of better material and have been told some of the pelicans have had leak problems which I definetly don't...
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    Hey guys thought I would throw this up for someone; I tried to do a search on this forum about the kayaks used for fishing that I saw on here some time back but none would pull up. My question is do any of you know where I might could find an elie horizon 100 angler kayak? I have delt with...

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