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    Are there alot of deer in LBL? I live in Northern KY. so I am use to seeing 5 to 10 deer a day. I thought with the amount of woods there it would be an exciting hunt. I at least expected to have people moving the deer around.
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    I hunted LBL (area 3) for the first time this year and was very disapointed. In two days of hunting I only saw 3 does and only heard one shot in my area. By looking at the map and knowing that people could only park near the roads I knew where I wanted to hunt.I get there and walk about 1.5...
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    A bad year of hunting

    This is the same problem we had a few years ago. I know exactly what is happening. On our farm after bucks get 3 or 4 they disappear. We knew that none of the neighbors were taking them, so where did they go. What happens is when you have several upper age class bucks, some of the bucks relocate...
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    Lbl Thanksgiving Weekend?

    I'll be there hunting in area 3. I am staying at a grand rivers hotel.
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    question about moultrie digital from wal mart

    No problems with mine. Has probably taken 8000 pics.
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    Big G-2 is back - nice pic

    I say he is in the 140"s.
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    Look who showed up in the food plot party!

    I have found your deers long lost brother, he is staying on our farm. If they were not so far away you would think they had the same genetics. .
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    Where are they shooting these deer?

    I always go for the point of the shoulder with a rifle shot. If you can find a picture of a deers skeleton, you will find that the spine drops in between the two shoulder blades. If a deer is broadside and you have a good bullet you can either take out both shoulders and or the spine. A bullet...
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    Check it out

    I work around that area sometime. I see at least one 160-180 class buck there every year. Its pretty common to see a 130 standing around by the road.
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    $40 for 3/4 oz.

    Here's my question, how do you weed out the good from the bad if you arent trying new stuff. I might be a big companies dream come true, but I have been very successful in trying new things. In selecting new products to try, you cant expect every buck in six miles to come running. Here is how I...
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    Turkey Terms

    Here's my favorite turkey term. TAGGED OUT!
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    $40 for 3/4 oz.

    Lets face it there are two types of hunters New school and old school. Old school wants all the basic stuff back, army camo, 100fps bows, rock broadheads, 2X4 tree stands, and totaly against QDM. New school wants all the latest stuff. Bigger, better, faster. I am a new school guy and would not...
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    $40 for 3/4 oz.

    Here's the thing, taking a big buck is 90% mental. If you think you are never going to get one you wont. If these new products give you the confidence you need buy them. No confidence no big bucks period. If it takes a 700 dollar bow to make you Know that when you draw back you will hit what you...
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    Deer trivia question thread

    Bingo, Pike county it is. they have 9 nontypicals in P&Y,they also have 130 typicals in P&Y, not bad for one county. (This doesnt count B&C enteries).AteUp your up, next ?.
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    Deer trivia question thread

    Question #2 What U.S. county has the most pope and young non-typical entries?
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    Deer trivia question thread

    Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio?
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    Cabelas comming to ky?

    may be mulling site in Florence By Lisa Biank Fasig Cincinnati Business Courier Updated: 8:00 p.m. ET June 26, 2005 Cabela's, the outdoorsman chain known for gigantic stores that include archery ranges, aquariums and shooting galleries, is reviewing a potential site in Florence and...
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    The scrape I attempted last year

    Bucks make scrapes all year long. They just actively make and check scapes in the fall.
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    The Rompola (sp?) buck...

    I will make the same post I make every time this comes up. Why do you hunt? Personal satisfaction or so you can brag to your buddies. I do it for me. Anyone who consistantly harvest P&Y or B&C bucks knows how it is, they have been questioned by someone about poaching or cheating in some way. It...
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    Poaching(A sick Turkey Hunter)

    This really sucks. I dont understand it one bit. I cant even tell you how many people who come to me in a years time wanting wild game meat. It is never hard to find someone to take meat, instead there were two meals left in a ditch to go to waste. As a hunter I was taught to RESPECT the animals...

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