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    Squirrel parasites?

    So I've been shooting squirrels midday on my off days before I get into my treestand. This time of year it only takes about 30 minutes to get a limit. When I was cleaning them yesterday, one was loaded with what looked like maggots, all over it's heart, lungs, intestines...basically everywhere...
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    Ft Knox Harvest

    I was looking at the 3 counties that make up Ft Knox and saw a guy has taken 3 deer from Knox on 3 different days with his bow in Hardin county. Did Knox change it's limits?
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    Fort Knox this weekend

    Did anyone take a youth to Knox this past weekend? If so, how was it?
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    Fort Knox registration help

    I hunted Knox for many years, but not since the isportsman has been out. I decided to try turkey hunting there this year. Apparently I have an isportsman account, but it's not active. I sent an email to get it reactivated. I know my guns will need to be registered once again. I have tried to...
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    Current tally

    We decided we were going to trap this year, to see if we could help the turkey population. Bought licenses, traps, etc... Our current tally is 39 coons, 13 possums, 3 skunks, 1 red fox, 1 bobcat, 16 coyotes and 3 mice. I'm starting to have an ethical issue with all this simply because other than...
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    Also need opinion

    I shot a buck tonight at very last light - thought I busted him pretty good, but did not hear him go down. The area he ran into does have a lot of high grass, but as quiet as it was tonight, I think I'd have heard him go down. Got down and looked at the arrow, covered in blood but was a little...
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    Coyotes During Gun Season

    I was just curious how many guys shot a coyote, or more than one, during the modern gun season. My group killed 4, but saw way more than we'd like.
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    Friend needs unit 6 help

    I have a friend who is currently hunting in unit 6. He has a bull firearm tag. Hasn't even seen an elk since he started on Saturday. I am unfamiliar with elk zones etc... in Ky. I know he's hunting near Pikeville. Does anyone have any ideas where he could go? He scouted all summer but didn't see...
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    Black warts?

    I know I've seen a similar thread on here, but I have a decent buck that has a couple hundred black skin tags/warts/growths all over his face, legs, body. I'd post a pic if I knew how. A couple other deer also have just a few of these things. Does anyone know if this is a concern? Should I...
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    Maine Turkey Hunting

    I just read where hunters in Maine no longer have to check in fall turkeys they harvest. I guess they consider the fall harvest negligible?
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    Mounts Destroyed

    I have 20 deer heads, 5 turkeys, 11 ducks, 1 bobcat, 2 foxes, 2 squirrels, 1 coyote, 1 badger, 1 groundhog, and a sharptail grouse all in my condo. Starting about 3 years ago, I noticed certain mounts seemed to be losing their fur, or feathers. Upon closer inspection, I noticed tiny cocoon-like...
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    Fearless Coyotes

    I was curious if anyone has had this happen, or something similar. I shot a doe last night, and half way through dressing her, I here this awful noise coming up the hill at me. I stand up, turn around to see 4 coyotes hauling butt right at me! One actually got to within 3 feet of me. I tried to...
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    Few Fawns

    I shot deer #7 tonight, all does, and this one like the others had no milk sack. This seems rather unusual to me. Are you guys finding the same? It just seems weird that all 7 didn't have fawns. I guess they could've died, but seems odd to me.
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    Took Awhile This Year

    Finally tagged out this past Tuesday. Sure has been a long season. Normally I'm done after the 2nd day ( only because of where I hunt,) but this year was quite the challenge. Took my first bird on day 8 at 5pm, a 24lb with 1.5 inch spurs. He wouldn't exactly commit to the decoys, but wandered to...
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    Mature Deer

    So here is my situation. I've been after a giant buck all season. Have his sheds from the last 2 years, with trail cam pics all season long this year. Have 2 corn baited stands, as I don't seem to be talented enough to pinpoint his bedding area. I get pics at both stands, sometimes 10 minutes...
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    Hock Color

    So here is my question, with all the talk of where we are in the rut. Every buck I have seen on the farm I hunt still has white hocks. Does that mean the rut has yet to happen? I know it basically happens mid November every year, but I've seen some strange things so far. I havent shot as many...
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    Need an official scorer

    Anybody know of a pope and young scorer near NKy? I have a velvet buck I'd like scored, but the B&C guys won't do it. Thanks
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    Anybody hunting fort knox?

    I'm always curious how the hunting at knox is going. Anybody been hunting there this spring?
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    Official Scorers

    I have found the list before, but cannot seem to find it now. Have 2 deer that need officially scored. Northern Ky. If anybody knows someone who does it or how to find the list, please advise. Thank you.
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    Second Lottery

    So my youth hunter drew a cow tag on his first attempt (of course.) In the paperwork it says he can either hunt at-large or put in for another lottery for specific zones. Does anybody have any experience with this? I know there will be a lot of questions like mine, but I honestly never thought...

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