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    Where to buy replacement parts?

    I forgot to mention that this pan is a round pan not a square one if that makes a difference! You are welcome to it if it will work.
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    Where to buy replacement parts?

    I've got a pan off a Duke #2 you can have, send me your address and I'll put it in the mail Monday.
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    Anybdy doing any off-season work right now?

    I've trapped a few groundhogs for some friends. They had trouble with them digging under their buildings . The word has gotten out that I've caught some and I have a gentleman at church that wants my help now. LOL
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    Uniontown Dam ?

    The last time I was there was a couple years ago and the bank fishing below the dam was almost impossible. The willows were growing to close to it. The above side was fine though. Lake Mauzy is located in the Higgison/Henry wildlife refuge and can be fished just fine from a 10' johnboat. The...
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    Metal Detecting?

    I was wondering if this would be an interesting topic to have on here? I know there are sites that are only for this subject but I was just wondering if there were people on here that might be interested?
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    It's Crappie time!

    I went out this afternoon for a couple of hours and caught ten good sized crappie and a small bass. I don't have pictures and don't know how to put them on here if I did.
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    I've got one farm set with 4 dirthole traps set 7 snares 7DP coon traps set. The farm is 5 miles from home. I've got 3 places about 2 miles from home that I have snares set for beaver and 3 muskrat colony traps set. Takes me about 3 hrs. to make them if I don't stop and talk to anyone. With a...
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    Rabbit's in a cage trap.

    Thanks, I'll give those a try.
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    Rabbit's in a cage trap.

    What is a good food to put in a cage to catch rabbit's? My Brother-in-law is wanting a few. He doesn't hunt anymore due to hip and knee replacements and he asked me to try and get a few for him. I was wondering if anyone here has caught them in cages or box traps and if you'd care to share some...
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    First for me

    Did you catch it with a cowsay?
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    Had to scratch the itch

    That's a nice looking 'yote! Looks like you've got good help too!
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    More beavers!

    Congrats, you're stacking them up! I got a big one on Tuesday and got a small one today. My first was in a 330 and today's was in a foot hold on a drowning cable.
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    First k9 this year

    Good job TP! I set a couple K9 sets today, hope to connect soon.
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    First check

    It was a compliment. I never try to insult anyone.
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    Beaver slides

    Congratulations on your catch. Got my first ever today.
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    First check

    Congratulations on your catch.
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    Beaver Cross over

    Looks good!! I set three 330's and three 750's yesterday. I checked today and all the 750's had been flipped out of their beds. Two had fired. Had one 330 with a big beaver in it. all my trap locations had been worked but only caught one. Good luck on your set!
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    Planting season

    I set six water traps today. Three foot hold on drowning cable and three body grip. I'm trying to catch some beaver out of the lake that's at our gun club.
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    What size cage?

    Thanks KYT I appreciate your help!
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    What size cage?

    I'm wanting to set a few cages for Bobcat and was wondering what size cage would work the best? I have three cages now that I'm using to trap skunk and possum in but I think these would be too small. The ones I have measure 24"7"x7". I looked at one today that was 36"x11 1/4"x11". Will this size...

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