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  1. farmertom

    It's another Rage post

    Well. Dang
  2. farmertom

    shoot or pass?

    All 3 dead as a hammer. Would already be on my way back to Kentucky. Never would have blinked. No way I let something like that walk, in state out of state on the moon. No way.
  3. farmertom

    Big 10 pt.

    Amen! God Bless
  4. farmertom

    Best hunt ever! Daughters perseverance

    im trying I forgot what a pain it was to post pics to this site. Lol
  5. farmertom

    Best hunt ever! Daughters perseverance

    [/URL][/IMG] I’m a proud papa today! This was supposed to be my daughter’s first deer season, but a few weeks ago she fell and broke her arm. Thank the Lord she shoots left handed so she wanted to practice with her cast and try to hunt. So that’s what we did. With her cast in tow at the ripe...
  6. farmertom

    Open Front or Enclosed

    I just dont think i could shoot a bow sitting. OP for bow. Open front
  7. farmertom

    Gun Season

    Why is a fawns first post always "man i hate gun season" lol
  8. farmertom

    In Uncle Lee's yesterday

    I know jack about a creedmore but this sounds like a great salesman. Tons more respect for someone like this. I would be much more likely to go buy something from him.
  9. farmertom

    Rate your season

    Hmm not sure how to rate it. I guess 8. I had a really hard season. My county has been zone 4 until this year. We moved to zone 3. So the extra days of gun were a nice change, without which i would not have killed my buck. That said i hunted harder this year than i ever have. Seen deer every sit...
  10. farmertom

    Last day last hour

    Man im not sure what the right answer is . should he have went back maybe. Should he have stayed out till daylight maybe. Most of us make the judgement calls the best we know how. And i think duster did, it seems that way anyhow. So id say lets cut the man some slack, because i know this post...
  11. farmertom

    Really cool find today!

    Be very careful. They are very territorial.
  12. farmertom

    Last day last hour

    Long night coming been there. Hated that. Got the shirt. Hope you find it tomorrow
  13. farmertom

    Finally got the job done.

    Theres what he looks like now. Thats the first euro mount ive done. Thats almost as much trouble as mounting one(i do my own taxi work)
  14. farmertom


    Stud .....
  15. farmertom

    Finally got the job done.

    Im doing my part to bring back the 70s lol. Had the best cloths best music and best facial hair of any generation.
  16. farmertom

    Just throwing this out there

    Man ive seen deer spoke at other deer. I watched and old doe stomp and blow and run off one day. I thought she had busted me but she wasnt looking at me really. Then out poped a buck . buck followed the does off and i could hear the doe blow when he got close to them. This way before the rut and...
  17. farmertom

    Last Gun Day...

    Good luck guys. I finally got the job done last night. So im laying in bed watching Scooby Doo this morning.
  18. farmertom

    Finally got the job done.

    This has been the longest deer season of my life. This makes somewhere around 15-16 deer seasons for me and never have i hunted so hard. You can laugh at my little buck if you like and i have killed many bigger but i guess im prouder of this deer thsn any ive killed. It took 18 days of hunting...
  19. farmertom

    Monster 8

    What the heck thats huge are you sure you read the tape right? Lol Given that info im going 164 2/8
  20. farmertom

    spotted fawn this time of year????

    Seen a fawn one time in late ML season that couldn't have weighed 30 pounds . tiny with spots

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