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  1. Elderstudent

    Vehicle Vandalism on WMA????

    I've notified law enforcement. As to naming the WMA? I'm still doubtful and want to think better of people. What if it is just some dumb butt who accidentally knocked the mirror off and didn't have the guts to man up to the mistake? I don't want to put bad feelings about any place until I...
  2. Elderstudent

    Adair WMA Squirls

    Good job - those 2 will go nicely with gravy!
  3. Elderstudent

    Vehicle Vandalism on WMA????

    I'm not saying which WMA, but yesterday someone knocked the passenger side view mirror off of my vehicle while I scouted. When I came back to the parking area the mirror was dangling by the mirrors' electric wires. No note on the vehicle and didn't see anyone. I did a repair job on it at home...
  4. Elderstudent

    Is ammo getting easer to find....

    I actually saw and purchased 50 rounds of .38 ammo from Wal-Mart in Louisville - guess the thugs finally stocked up!
  5. Elderstudent

    Scent Blocker not a Scam.......

    As my wife said...."that is messed up." :D
  6. Elderstudent

    I am going squirrel hunkin in the morning.

    Have a great hunt!
  7. Elderstudent

    Have you ever used a squirrel call?

    I had my call with me this morning. Saw some squirrels in a neighbor's yard and used it while observing them. They didn't chatter in response but they were really upset. The looked like monkeys jumping back and forth from branch to branch in the trees trying to locate the source of the noise...
  8. Elderstudent

    What's the worst beer that you've had?

    When I was a kid in the 60's - the old guy next door let me sample a warm Falls City beer - it took some counseling but I'm finally over it. :o
  9. Elderstudent

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great season!

    Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great season!
  10. Elderstudent

    Have you ever used a squirrel call?

    Have you ever used a squirrel call and do they actually work? I got a Primos Squirrel buster and intend to give it a try. I guess it can't hurt.
  11. Elderstudent

    Getting Permission and thanking the landowner

    These are all great suggestions and I'll use them - once I find a landowner willing to give permission. I've been turned down because the landowner was influenced by Disney's Bambi (really), they have cows on the property they don't want shot, "There are NO deer on my 400 acre farm", I don't...
  12. Elderstudent

    I threw $250.00 in the swamp!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Man, that was one expensive scouting trip for sure.
  13. Elderstudent

    Getting Permission and thanking the landowner

    At age 51 I'm starting late into hunting and am looking for permission to hunt on private property. I'm learning humility in this process but persistence will pay off eventually. Once you have gotten persmission to hunt on a piece of private property - will you share some examples of ways you...
  14. Elderstudent

    Happy birthday!!!!!

    Happy birthday!!!!!
  15. Elderstudent

    Who has their CCDW permit?

    Got mine October 08
  16. Elderstudent

    Squirrel Calls

    Yeah, I don't have too much expectation about this noisey little squirrel call. I intend to use it if things are too quiet for too long just to make them give their positions away. I think that is about all the call is for is to agitate the little buggars. Then as you said - blast em. :o
  17. Elderstudent

    Wisconsin DNR to hunters hand over your guns on demand.

    I recall my training for ccdw license in KY. They ask for it...hand it over. That being said...they come knock on my door and demand my firearms and they will have to use force to get them.
  18. Elderstudent

    Squirrel Calls

    Primos Call Delivered! I just got my Primos Squirrel Buster Pak delivered by Fed Ex this afternoon! I listened to the little CD that came with it - after some practice we will give it a try. We'll see how well we can get this strategy to work on the little guys. :D
  19. Elderstudent

    Question about eagles

    What a great picture! I know that Bernheim Forest in Clermont, KY has nesting Golden Eagles and has rehabilitated/released a Golden Eagle. While they are not that common - they are here in Kentucky. The KDFW website shows several sighting across Kentucky. Is this guy a Golden Eagle or an...
  20. Elderstudent


    I had 5 bypasses in August of 06, (age 48), and then took up hunting after the surgery. My prayers go out to Jonesy and his family - the recovery can take awhile and here's to a full and fast recovery!

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