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    gobbling and strutting

    has anyone seen any strange behavior in turkeys in the last few days. For a week now i have been watching a flock of about 30 turkeys and they have been strutting amongst the hens as if it were April 1st. And this morning to my surprise i called to them with my mouth no calls just my mouth and...
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    Upcoming Elk Hunt In Knott Co.

    hey thanks supa fuzz for granting me permission and taking me out scouting this weekend. I owe u some meat when we connect
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    2 Coyotes and a Cat this morning.....

    hey man some beautiful catches. we got skunked night before last but caught a beautiful female this morning will try and get pics up tomorrow. Makes 12 in 16 nights and five cats. Looks like we are going to have to move to another area here shortly. We have got this pack pretty thinned down.
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    Todays catch..1/13

    Way to go man. some fine looking yotes.
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    Caught my second cat this morning (12th)

    hey way to go on the cat. Yeah the fur is getting real thick on them right now. Also i use twenty four inch rebar some 1/2 and some 3/8 and so on just whatever i can get my hands on. And i have also had two pulled stakes this year. The only advice i can give is if you set in soft ground...
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    Another yote

    Hey guys thought we struck out this morning but had this pretty big female in the last trap we came to. They were six more sets of tracks with her. They came off the ridge right at the trap. Hopefully they will come back and go the other way tonight.
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    Good Monday

    hey guys here is the pic of the cat. I also caught another beautiful and really big yote this morning. I am going to post a new thread with a pic of the yote. Its not a real good pic of the cat but it shows my buddie in my can house with some of the critters from the last couple of days.
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    Back in action!!

    man that is one pretty coyote. I love that color.
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    Varminator strikes again

    hey thanks full strut i caught another one today makes four since Saturday
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    Good Monday

    Hey guys after striking out on Sunday we had another real nice cat and a coyote this morning made four cats since Saturday. Sorry didn't get to get no pics will try and take some of them tomorrow. Forgot the camera.
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    Finally scored

    hey man way to go on breaking the ice. Congrats man
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    Late season draw results are up

    hey guys u all have probably seen my story also on here. But i am going to tell u again. Just like the other guy my wife non-hunter gets the late season cow hunt also and has only applied once. Go figure anyways i am extremely happy for her. Hopefully this also will make her a hunter for life.
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    Varminator strikes again

    Hey guys struck out this morning. Didn't even see any new tracks. ANyways on the lure and bait all i am using is just regular coyote sets. With cut up rabbit in the hole the big cat set had a rabbit head in the hole like it was looking out. I am also using coyote passion lure you can get...
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    A Male Red...Coyotes Got Em'...Again

    Hey somegthing i fount this year that works better than antifreeze is non iodized salt it doesn't make a mudhole and nothing can smell it trust me it works. Just use a layer of salt and dry dirt and salt and so on. trust me it works. Just look at my pics and it will tell the truth.
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    Varminator strikes again

    hey man thats what i said about a coydog but everyone around here said i was crazy. Right in the face it looks just like a feist or elkhound. And it almost was completly black. It was a beautiful dog anyways. ANyways the cat was huge i am going to weigh him tomorrow and i will let u all...
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    Am I the only one getting skunked?

    hey man don't worry i went three nights with only a stray dog to show but i turned him loose. Anyways on the freezing try and get you some non iodized salt i tried it this year and have only had two frozen traps. Also get you some real dry dirt and use the salt in between all layers. Trust me...
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    Varminator strikes again

    Hey guys had the best morning of the season. Caught two big cats and two good dogs. One of the prettiest dogs i have ever caught, and caught a bobtailed coyote. I have never caught one nor have i ever heard of one. Anyways guys that brought my numbers up to 9 coyotes 4 cats two grey foxes...
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    one more test

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    testing pics one more time

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    testing pics

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