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  1. UK Hunter

    Tracking dog south central ky

    Looked most of the afternoon and again this morning but never found him. Hopefully I have a guy coming with a dog tomorrow.
  2. UK Hunter

    I noticed on an old thread that you had a tracking dog. My son shot a nice deer yesterday...

    I noticed on an old thread that you had a tracking dog. My son shot a nice deer yesterday morning and we are looking for someone that can help. I had a guy that was going to come this morning but he said he was having vehicle issues. Said he may be able to come tomorrow. I just know my son...
  3. UK Hunter

    Tracking dog south central ky

    My son shot a real nice buck this morning. Good blood trail but we lost him near a briar thicket. Anybody near Columbia, KY have a tracking dog?
  4. UK Hunter

    "The SMACKDOWN!"- Turkey charcoal drawing in progress

    Yelper, sent you a message
  5. UK Hunter

    Got my deer of a lifetime! Marshall county whopper!

    I'd say deer of a lifetime. He would be a deer of a lifetime without all the abnormal points. Congrats!
  6. UK Hunter

    Christian County Buck

    Wow! Congrats on fine buck
  7. UK Hunter

    Opening evening buck, biggest yet!

    Awesome buck. Who cares what it scores. Will look great on the wall. Congrats man!
  8. UK Hunter

    Opening day buck

    Heck of a buck J.P.
  9. UK Hunter

    6 pt

    What part of Adair is this? I had a 6 on camera last year that looked similar.
  10. UK Hunter

    Savanah Georgia?

    We've been to Tybee 3 different times and there's always plenty fish caught from the pier. Biggest I've seen was a four foot lemon shark. Also saw a guy last year catch a nice sized shark from the shore but he didn't have any way to measure it. The pier is crowded late afternoon and night so...
  11. UK Hunter

    How many of you are going out Sat. for the youth hunt?

    I will be taking my son in the morning. Good luck to all!
  12. UK Hunter

    Anybody chase trophy bass in farm ponds?

    That's it. Caught many a fish there years ago
  13. UK Hunter

    Anybody chase trophy bass in farm ponds?

    If that's the same pond I think it is, I've caught some nice fish there but it's been several years.
  14. UK Hunter

    He made it

    Looks like the same deer to me. His left brow has a crook to it and looks like the other brow has been broken off.
  15. UK Hunter

    Viewing pictures in the field?

    I bought a generic card reader on eBay for my iPad for $5. If more than less than 500 pics it doesn't take very long at all. If you have closer to 1,000 it may take closer to about 5 minutes. You can also select to delete all photos from the card as they are being downloaded. I like this...
  16. UK Hunter

    Muck Boots

    Everybody in my house owns at least a pair. I wear my wetlands deer hunting and I just wear a pair of regular socks. Feet haven't ever been cold, even in snow. Did make the mistake and wore them turkey hunting once. It warmed up later in the morning and my feet got soaked with sweat. I'll...
  17. UK Hunter

    Primos double bull or Rino Blinds???

    I bought a Rhino blind few years ago @ the Nwtf convention in Nashville. They were a newer company then but blind looked great and they tossed in a slate call so I bought one for $100. When I bought it they demonstrated how to set it up and explained that at any time they would replace any...
  18. UK Hunter

    Two mornings in a row!

    Thanks guys. He's handled it better than I thought. I'm almost certain this buck is the same buck had on camera last year as a 1 1/2 year old. Hoping he will show up this evening cause I'm sure his pattern will change before rifle season gets here. Either way been one of the most exciting...
  19. UK Hunter

    made the trip to adair county

    I'm just past weedkeltner off 80. My son had his target buck last two mornings just as it was breaking day. Couldn't get enough light in scope. I could have shot him either morning, but I cant do that to my boy.
  20. UK Hunter

    Two mornings in a row!

    Yesterday as it was just starting to break daylight my son and I were watching a doe and yearling eat pears in the field. All of a sudden I hear a faint grunt and me and my son both looked at each other. Well the buck grunted the whole way to the pears. It was still too dark to make out the...

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