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    Copper solvent/cleaner

    Wipeout does a great job and can be left in the bore without causing pitting that other solvents can do if left in too long. Hoppes No 9 will work, but it takes time. I will do an initial cleaning, then run some Hoppes through the bore and put the rifle away for a week or so, then pull it out...
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    Quality Matters

    Everyone likes Vortex because they have a great warranty. I do have a couple. A Crossfire 2-7 on a shotgun set up with a slug barrel and a Diamondback 2-7 on an AR. No failures yet, but I have my fingers crossed. For Leupolds, I have a few VX3s and would not even think about any of the lines...
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    Rifle pic

    Here is a Ruger No. 1 that I customized this past year. I had PacNor install a 6mm CM barrel threaded for suppressor use. I got the stock set from MPI and had to do some modifications to fit it and bed the forearm. I also did the paint job. The scope is a SWFA 3-15. Local gunsmith milled the...
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    Bore scope.

    Last year I picked up a Ruger No 1 in 7mm mag for cheap. This was the throat area. You can see a trench starting to form. Further down the barrel This rifle was sent off to PacNor for a new barrel in 6mm CM. It is now consistently shooting 1/2" groups. I still have a little bit of tweaking...
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    Rubber , textured , stock spray.

    Here is a stock set for a Ruger No. 1 that I finished up this year. primer texture spray primer texture spray primer green coat black and silver spiderweb effect spray this set is fiberglass. For the plastic stocks, you need a primer that will stick to the plastic.
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    Got to tour the entire factory back in 2017. The basement range they have is pretty cool.
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    A Word Of Warning Regarding Deer Processors!

    On the flip side, I took some trimmed venison to a KY processor to get ground and packaged and the guy ahead of me had a deer rump (both side still attached) and two whole back-straps and it was all gray and nasty looking. The folks were not too pleased at accepting it and I think they added a...
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    Taurus PT22

    I have a Taurus PT22 for sale. Good shape. I have an extra mag that it supposed to be for a PT22 poly, but it fits fine. Two boxes of 22 included. $200 I can meet up in the Radcliff-Etown area.
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    Chigger increase? Chigger repelent for deer hunting?

    Tucking pants into boots actually helps a lot. Back in my Army days we tried everything to ease the itch of chigger bite. The critters are long gone once the itching starts. the best thing we found was to use was extra strength acne medicated wipes. I think the cyclic acid in it helps clear up...
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    Kayak rentals near Wolf creek dam

    Thanks. We visited that store on Saturday. got their shuttle info for future trips. BTW, I made the biggest kayak trip snafu. Parked my truck at the take-out amd left my keys in the friend’s truck at the put-in. Realized it 30 min down river. Friend paddled back up river and got the keys.
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    Kayak rentals near Wolf creek dam

    Looking for kayak rentals near Wolf Creek Dam/ Cumberland River as well as shuttle services. Only number I can find, there is no answer.
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    Dead Air Sandman S

    PM sent
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    Lee Pro 4-20 lead furnace

    I will take it. I will PM you for details.
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    Dead Air Sandman S

    Nice, I have the Hybrid-46 that I run on a 308, 6.8spc AR, and a pair of 223 ARs. I also have a 22 suppressor. I tested out the Hybrid on my g-19 that past few weekends and realized that my 147 XTP load is right at the sub/super sonic range as some were silent and some still had the crack. My...
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    AR-10 Upper and Lower

    Last time I was at KY Gun Co in Bardstown, they had some AR-10 lowers for a decent price. You can find the upper receivers easy enough online. Barrels will be the trick to find. One thing, you have to watch is you really need to match the upper and lower by manufacture as there is no standard...
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    Remington 700 ADL .308 quick review

    Get either the Trigger Tech or Timney Trigger for it. I have a stainless 308 bedded in a Bell and Carlson Alaskan Sporter stock and love it. Manners are very nice, but above my budget. As for scopes, I have a couple of VX-3 scopes, but would not go below that level. Leupold are not what they...
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    Spotting Scope

    I have the Vortex Diamondback. It is ok, but not great. I mainly use it to look at targets 100-300 yards while testing loads. It is good enough for that. I have had it out west elk hunting. Spotting elk 1k yards away, it does ok, but the picture/glass quality left me wanting a better spotting...
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    6mm creedmore

    Not a bad choice as ammo seems to be available everywhere I look. I have a Ruger #1 that is need of a new barrel. Most likely will be 6mm CM.
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    Idaho Disabled Veteran Hunt

    Vets with 40% or more disability used to be able to get Idaho tags at resident price, but they are limiting those elk and deer tags now so it is very hard to get them. They can still get a regular hunting lic at resident price, but those tags are hard to get since they changed the system for the...
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    Gunsmith near Lawrenceburg????

    I think KY Gun Company in Bardstown may have one. I would call them.

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