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    Iowa Carcass Camera

    Awesome pics !!!
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    Daughters first deer

    Congrats !!!
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    Thanksgiving Day TN 9 pt

    Dandy buck
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    Nice 9 pointer

    Nice deer. Congrats
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    The Back Ridge (long read)

    Great post. Thanks
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    Treestand accident! Prayers Please!

    Prayers sent
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    Opening evening buck, biggest yet!

    Awesome deer. Congrats
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    Eastern Ky Mtn. Hunters

    Try to locate where several ridges come together. Places like this are dynamite during the rut ,bucks will use these while cruising from one bedding area another.
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    Sons buck

    Nice buck. Congrats to your son !!
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    connor got his first deer

    Congrats. Great deer, great pics.
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    Didn't get to hunt yesterday, but getting ready to try my luck today.
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    Well Heck !!!!!

    Cut the fingers off a latex glove and stretch over the end of barrel. Works great.
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    2nd rut?

    Didn't start seeing rut activity until the day before Thanksgiving. Still going on pretty good in my area .
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    Finally connected

    Congrats! Nice buck!

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