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  1. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Muzzleloader This Weekend

    Still have both tags left buck and doe...So Ill probably wait to see if a good shooter will be moving saturday morning if not im tagging out on the slick heads...
  2. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Doing A Euro Mount, Any Tips & Help?

    thanks alot guys, ive already got most of the meat and hide off, got the eyes and all that out, but i just couldnt figure out away to get the brain out. Quess ill try boiling it outside. Ill post pics and keep u all updated, thanks for all the help.
  3. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Doing A Euro Mount, Any Tips & Help?

    Ive always wanted a euro mount, So this year I have finally gotten the chance, Has anyone ever did a skull mount before. Ive already got the skull and everything skinned out. Ive let it hang in my barn now for around 3 weeks. Ive heard from some friends that I need to boiled it,Then bleach it or...
  4. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    How Many Zone 3 Hunters Still Trying To Make It Happen

    Today is the last day of gun season for zone 3 for me, still no luck. All Ive got is a cold from laying in the woods everyday.Seen plenty of bucks but just wasnt big enough for my standards. The way I see it, if there small let em walk maybe they'll be here next year and have plenty of big...
  5. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Does walking to your stand in the dark....

    Turkeys mostly for me, What really gets me is walking in during daylight hours, and see other hunters sitting around were you hunted that morning knowing no one else was there, and see them pointing a gun at you looking through there scope trying to tell who you are! BIG IDIOTS
  6. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Hunting & Jesus

    AMEN! I thank god everytime I get to just sit in that tree stand and enjoy the great outdoors. Helps to say alittle prayer,Maybe the good lord will bless us with a great deer to fill the freezer
  7. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    good luck everyone.

    "If it's Brown It's Down" LOL But everyone becareful out there this coming season, It will be like world war III out there, and every tom dick and hary and everyone and their mother will have a gun slinging bullets. Take careful aim, Be sure you know whats past the deer before shooting, And lets...
  8. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    How to hunt

    Then o'le big bubba at the local county jail will be hunting you after the game warden throws your butt in
  9. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    How are you hunting gun opening weekend?

    Will be hunting out of my ameristep ground blind for the 1st time during rifle season. Figure I would set it up on the strip I will be watching, figure might be alittle more advantage than sitting on the ground.Usually I hunt from my climber but theres no trees I can climb in the area to watch...
  10. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    If You had a choice on which week to take off

    Take the 1st week, Deer should be moving good with the weather moving in, also after a day or two after all the shooting deer are sure gonna be walking on thin ice I can tell you that
  11. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Got A Question?

    Ok thanks alot guys, I appreciate the help
  12. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Got A Question?

    May sound stupid, But I was wondering if you took someone alone hunting with you, and they wasnt hunting will not be carring a gun or anything just sitting in the ground blind with you, will they need a hunting license? I would say not, But I was thinking about taking someone with me during...
  13. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Are the deer rutting yet

    Seen plenty of small bucks chasing, Nothing any size thats worth shooting yet, Hopefully something will happen this weekend suppose to be pretty cold come saturday morning!
  14. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Bucks Chasing?

    I seen two small bucks saturday morning and they were chasing a doe all morning long, so i do think that the main rut will be soon maybe in time for the rifle season i hope. So the big boys will come out and play and show there face alittle more
  15. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Frost For ML Early Weekend

    Buck only for saturday morning because I have a bunch of stuff i gotta get done around dinner time, so probably wont have time for sat. evening to hunt but come sunday with be a differant story...If its brown its down with the smoke pole
  16. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    KY Outfitters

    People in Ky want to go to AL. to hunt and people from AL. want to come to ky to hunt...Lets all just do some trading for a week or two
  17. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Tinks Scent Bombs/ New Call?

    My self I always use tinks 69 doe in rut, but i never use any scents til around gun season late oct. into nov.
  18. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    Monster Buck found dead...

    what a hog!
  19. KnoxCoDeerHunter


    No need in bringing a knife to a gun fight lol
  20. KnoxCoDeerHunter

    If it's brown, it's down!!!

    If it's brown, it's down!!!

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