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  1. wildcovey

    Need some help.

    i always advertise on gundogs online or gundogs central they produce the best clientel.gundogs online has a free ad listing for 10 days or picture adds for 15.00 for 45 days picturs sell better.
  2. wildcovey

    Etown Area Veterinarian

    the one on 1600 behind the hospital has been a good one over the last 16 yrs ive used them very reasonable on prices. i have only used them for emergencies which has been several times.
  3. wildcovey

    english pointer pups

    if you want to ck pointers out and see some work ck out or give me a call and you can come see them work but range is alot in the bloodlines but they can easily be brought into the distance you want them at
  4. wildcovey

    garmin tracker

    great news this sounds great i figured a little bit of problem with the collars but the news on here is great thanks
  5. wildcovey

    Dog work

    lvr pup here is a pic of my lvr puptop pic 5 mo bottom pic 9 weeks
  6. wildcovey

    Dog work

    nice lookin pup quaildog lots of years of fond memories commin your way.good hunting
  7. wildcovey

    pics of bird pen

    no setters. the long pen is for quail and the wooden pen is pigeons 2 seperate quail palaces.
  8. wildcovey

    pics of bird pen

    quailtail this is the pigeon loft next is quail pen both on runners for easy moving
  9. wildcovey

    garmin tracker

    tracker i havent had a problem not reading a signal yet but havent used it a hole lot yet but i have a compass and distance to dog but when i active a hunt function with the maps it show the terrain and map from where you start to the dogs
  10. wildcovey

    garmin tracker

    tracker no they havn't came down much at all even the old series are still up in price lion country had the best price and acc for 50% off thats why i got the maps.i've heard good things from hunters who have them so i hope its worth getting.
  11. wildcovey

    garmin tracker

    tracker i paid 550 for the unit and 1 collar, extra collar was 199 and 50 for the maps for turn by turn directions from lion country.
  12. wildcovey

    garmin tracker

    tracker thats good to know they are tough i thought i was waisting money on the maps but it said you could use it as a turn by turn also
  13. wildcovey

    garmin tracker

    tracker i got the maps for it also but havn't figured that part out yet i am still on the compass but i think it will work better than did the collars hold up in the brush?
  14. wildcovey

    Need Pigeons

    pigeons this was from a post last year you might try it if u like
  15. wildcovey

    garmin tracker

    anyone use this product? i just bought the astro 220 i am trying to get away from beepers. i tryed it out seems to work good
  16. wildcovey

    Dog work

    more dogs a workin here are 3 more pups i have been working with they are 5 mo
  17. wildcovey

    Dog work

    dogs a workin here are three pups ive been workin this week
  18. wildcovey


    great article that explains alot thanks for sharing that.
  19. wildcovey

    thats great he should make you a great birddog even if he is a mommas boy looking forward to the...

    thats great he should make you a great birddog even if he is a mommas boy looking forward to the pics.
  20. wildcovey

    pen raised

    300 with tracking collars 35 found dead and 3 were shot at quota hunt this was the last report i recieved from a member of the kdfw 1500 were the total turned loose.

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