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  1. Cole505

    Roll Call Last Week of Deer Season

    Looks solid! I wouldn’t be too picky down there. 80 inch buck would prolly be in trouble. Looks like there’s some much better than that as well.
  2. Cole505

    Roll Call Last Week of Deer Season

    Let us know how it goes. Been thinking about a late Jan Alabama hunt for a couple years. May pull the trigger next year.
  3. Cole505

    Biggest deer you’ve ever seen on the hoof?

    As far as bucks I’ve seen while actually hunting, a 176 11 pointer. Neighbor ended up killing him 2 years ago. Probably 6 or 7 in the high 50s low 60s over the years. And just driving back roads around my house I’ve seen some absolute monsters. Bachelor group this summer with at least 2...
  4. Cole505

    New deer rifle for Ohio questions

    I I have a ruger american in go wild camo, got the 22 inch barrel with the muzzle break. I have been nothing but thrilled with it. For a 600 dollar rifle it’s hard to beat. Put a vortex straight wall scope on it. I’ve only got it to 100 so far but it’s 2-3 inch groups. I bought it to hunt...
  5. Cole505

    New deer rifle for Ohio questions

    Look into the .450 bushmaster as well. Really impressed with that round.
  6. Cole505

    Lost deer

    You shoot every deer you shoot two times? After missing a couple and not finding a couple over the years, I started to a few years ago, haven’t lost one since. I figure if there still there, running or not I’m putting another one for good measure. He thought he dropped him, so completely...
  7. Cole505

    Lost deer

    I’ve heard of that happening before. As a rule of thumb I put 2 in them everytime now. Can’t hurt.
  8. Cole505

    12-11-22 Roll Call

    When you’re doe hunting because your buck tag is filled, and out walks the biggest buck on the farm….on a doe fawn. Freakin huge buck. I didn’t shoot the doe, couldn’t stand the thought of spooking him. And we need more of those genetics around. Damn lol, took some self control right there.
  9. Cole505

    Trail camera delima

    So it’s gonna depend on the camera location. If it’s a bait site or field edge, and I’m getting pictures within an hour of shooting light but still in the dark, I am gonna try to get to where he’s coming from “deeper”. Hopefully catch him in daylight. If it’s on a scrape and I’m only getting...
  10. Cole505

    Trail camera delima

    I think I depends on how you use the cameras. If your waiting on daylight pics to hunt a certain stand you’re doing it wrong. I have never let camera pictures dictate if I was going to hunt. I use the pictures to tell me if I need to go in deeper/ make adjustments. As I’ve gotten older I check...
  11. Cole505

    Is anyone hunting?

    Up in the stand this afternoon on doe patrol. Sitting a standing bean field. Hopefully can get at least one but 2 or 3 is the goal. Feels good to be back in a tree. Praying the big deer doesn’t make an appearance as my buck tag is filled.
  12. Cole505

    hunting strategy

    What’s in that field on the neighbors just to your right? Food source? Not saying hunt the property line but looks like it could be solid. The inside corner of that field off it on your side. You would think there would be movement in there. I’d dive in there as opposed to the field edges.
  13. Cole505

    Gave one a ride this morning.

    Thanks everybody!
  14. Cole505

    Gave one a ride this morning.

    Haha I thought the same thing
  15. Cole505

    Gave one a ride this morning.

    Gave this one a ride in the truck bed this morning. Luck finally changed and he strolled by at 30 yards. Been a great year. Killed one on my Indiana lease and now this one. Think I’ll hit Ohio for the next couple months.
  16. Cole505

    November 21st Roll Call

    Saw 10 this morning. 7 does and 3 small bucks. At some point a mature buck is gonna have to show up.
  17. Cole505

    Messing with someone’s camera

    Had a card stolen and camera turned off this week. Didn’t catch em on any other cameras. Unbelievably frustrating. Never had that happen on this farm.
  18. Cole505

    Nov 18

    So close this morning. He came in behind a group of 4 does and a spike. Spike was pushing them around. As he’s getting to my lane I pull up the rifle. Everything blows out. There was two fawns behind me I never saw. That’s the breaks. Big 8 I haven’t seen for a month or more. Glad to know he’s...
  19. Cole505

    Cold weather gear

    First lite has the Black Friday sale atm. 30-40 percent off. I just ordered a cold weather jacket and pants. Saved 165 bucks.
  20. Cole505

    What Do You Do With Your Rifle

    Stays in my truck or on the front porch of the cabin.

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