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  1. duxdown

    Jenny hole timber is 2 large sloughs. You will definetly need a boat preferably with some type...

    Jenny hole timber is 2 large sloughs. You will definetly need a boat preferably with some type of mud motor. If it is not frozen you will have a good hunt be sure to be there thurs and friday of your hunt. Those are usually the 2 best days
  2. duxdown

    Dahts I will soon be looking for a pup and would really appreciate any breeder info you may...

    Dahts I will soon be looking for a pup and would really appreciate any breeder info you may have. Hoping to find someone close to kentucky if possible
  3. duxdown

    Otter Slough Rookie

    We are taking a boat for a back up plan. Either lake wappaplo or the river?
  4. duxdown

    Otter Slough Rookie

    Going to take a 3 day trip and give it a try for the first time. How is the draw? And any info on what to expect from hunting areas. It looks like mostly water but I have been told to bring it all boat, field spreads, lay out blinds. Any info is much appreciated.
  5. duxdown

    Ohio River ramps

    I didn't even hunt Sunday the ice was so bad Saturday!
  6. duxdown

    Where is Wyle???

    Glad to here that buddy!!
  7. duxdown

    Where is Wyle???

    Anyone talked to Wyle? I have been trying to get in touch with him since early January. If you have just making sure he is alright, and if you talk to him ask him to get in touch with me.
  8. duxdown

    Waders and everyones opinion

    I know all of you hate them but drake makes a damn good wader. Had a pair of the old short sides for 4 years just have to get the new highsides this year so i can wade in more places. 4 years and no leaks i can not ask for anything more than that.
  9. duxdown

    Let's Play

    I am with BM on this. We need the splits bad around here. I only hunt public ground and the Ohio and this was one of the toughest years i ever had. We had the birds they were just smart a few breaks would be good to get them moving around off the refuges and hot pond safe zones.
  10. duxdown

    Anyone seen Itall

    I was wondering if he installed the ice eater on the BIG O Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk
  11. duxdown


    Thanks Wyle. We still got room for 1 more. Should be nice and warm got a couple space heaters running off that generator. See ya at 0400 don't want to break the great boat ramp rule.
  12. duxdown


    I hope so that's where I left it!
  13. duxdown


    I don't know why you are waiting in line, we dropped the 20 footer off about noon. It's a lot of of working for two guys to put out the ice eater but I bet its worth the effort in the morning. Boat and blind set up decoys out and generators running. Just load up the other boat and cruise in in...
  14. duxdown

    Any suggestions with core of engineers problem

    My 81 year old grandfather has owned a place at Rough River Lake since 1965. He is no longer able to get up and down the hill from the cabin to the dock to fish because of his heart condition and pain in his legs. He was told by the core of engineers that they do not have a handicap accesabilty...
  15. duxdown

    Sloughs youth weekend

    Any on here have a blind drawn at Sloughs for the youth weekend I am taking a few kids and would like to if I am going to be run out at 5:30.
  16. duxdown

    Ballard Co WMA

    I know you guys down there have a few problems. If you want we can hunt sloughs together some time. After that hunt we discuss the wma problem.
  17. duxdown

    Looking good so far!!!!!

    Hey ducknbuck did you just get tired of the city slough on carter or the guys on your so called hunting spot. Calling the c/o on guys hunting the spot you hunted all year because it was in the city limits. They should write up the great white hunter for all the birds he killed in the city...
  18. duxdown

    More pics of opening weekend

    Looks like a little Doc's spot on Panther to me.
  19. duxdown

    ? on boat rules at Sloughs WMA...

    Word must have got out on the birds in that area to go through the trouble of getting a boat in that slough.
  20. duxdown

    We found the geese in Union County!

    Blind 31 sure does look like a hot spot from what I have seen.

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