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    After work quickie turns out to be an awesome surprise!

    Yeah I guess having the "what the heck" attitude was not a good decision on my part. Even though there were no signs saying I couldnt fish there didn't make it right for me to be there. I understand the negative feelings some may have about me fishing in a place I was unsure of. That is...
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    After work quickie turns out to be an awesome surprise!

    I've had my eye on this little pond near my work for quite some time now. I don't know if its on private property. I don't know if I'm allowed to fish there but there are no "No Trespassing" signs or "No Fishing" signs anywhere around it so I figured what the heck... The only place to park is...
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    For bassaddict

    I got it. I'm not sure what happened with our PM's. Things did not go as planned yesterday but I made it to the post office today and all the flies everyone requested were sent out. You should have them soon. I hope they work out well for everyone and I hope to see some reports in the near...
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    fishin with dad

    That's really awesome! You can tell a guy is doing something right when you see a picture of his son holding a fish.
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    Dip baits

    I'm not much of a catfisherman myself but I have a cousin who eats, sleeps, breaths catfishing and his favorite dip bait is some stuff called Secret 7. I've gone fishing with him a few times and I must say the stuff works pretty well.
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    fishing kayak multi purpose?

    I agree! And it doesnt matter how big your paddle is the gas prices are never a problem.
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    Hillbilly Bonefish on the fly

    If you can find a tailing carp they will eat a number of different flies. When they are nosing through the mud chances are they are looking for aquatic insects or small crayfish. The first one took a fly called a muddler. I wish I had a pic of it to show you but I ended up snagging it and losing...
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    Hillbilly Bonefish on the fly

    I had plans to head up to Ohio friday night to do some kayak striper fishing at Eastfork Lake with a buddy of mine but just as I was heading out the door he called and said there was a pretty nasty storm ripping through the area and didnt think it was a good idea to fish. I agreed and took a...
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    fishing kayak multi purpose?

    One of my good buddies has that exact kayak. He loves everything about it other than the fact its 12ft. He has said more than a couple times he wishes he would have got the 10ft. Mostly because of transportation issues. As far as performance on the water goes... he loves it.
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    fishing kayak multi purpose?

    Yeah with a fishing yak you're going to be carrying a lot of stuff on board (rods, tackle, maybe a net, etc...) with you so you're not going to want to hit big rapids with it. There's always that chance of flipping and losing hundreds of dollars worth of gear down stream. Even if you're just...
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    Short creek wade with my latest craw fly

    Thanks to everyone! I never really thought about selling my flies. If you really would like one though I'd be more than happy to tie some up and send them out to you guys. No charge. You can pay me with feedback and pics of any fish you catch with them. That would be payment enough.
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    Short creek wade with my latest craw fly

    I have been working on some new craw imitation flies lately. I am by no means a great fly tier but its something i really enjoy doing. This morning I had about an hour to hit banklick creek so I decided to give one of my new flies a shot. Here's the fly... The creek fish were loving it! I...
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    Rough River lake Hybrid from my kayak

    Looks like you had a great day on the water! Nice fish! Thats a good looking yak too.
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    Bluegill beware....I think these may work

    If those dont get the gills' attention I dont know what will.
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    Cajun fish story

    Thats hilarious!
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    Fly-yakin' some gills

    It honestly wasnt that bad. I'm a big fan of KYAfield so I used the Tim Farmer method (roll cast to pop the fly up off the water and then back cast once and put it right back out there). It worked out really well.
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    Fly-yakin' some gills

    I went out to Camp Ernst Lake this morning with the kayak and the fly rod. This was actually the first time I've ever attempted to fly fish out of my kayak and I have to say it was probably one of the most fun times I've ever had fishing for bluegill. I paddled out to a spot where there is a ton...
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    help with a fly rod

    I started out with the Flueger 8' 5/6wt rod and it held up just fine for bass while still letting the gills put up a decent fight. I replaced the original line with Hobbs Creek line and it made a huge difference in my casting abilities. I think they're only about $50 at walmart. I also have a...
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    Carp on the fly question

    I wish there was some solid advice I could give you but that has happened to me many times. I actually had my PB carp on the fly just a couple days ago that snapped my leader when I got it to the bank. I dont know why I didnt bring a net with me but I was heartbroken as it swam off with my wooly...
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    Minnow trapping bait

    Ive always used bread or hotdogs. I find you also get some craws with the hotdogs which are always a great bait to use.

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