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    Is he still there

    My bil took his daughter to one of my spots on youth weekend. She shot a decent 8 pt out of a field there. After the shot, the deer I been watching for two years takes off running from behind it and into the wood lot across the field. They didn't see it till after she shot. The 8 she shot hit...
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    Wednesday morning Roll Call

    I'm in the stand this AM! Foggy as peanut butter! Can't see the ground below me. Hoping for a goodn to pass by on this cool mornin here in the east!
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    Rut activity in eastern ky

    Kywallace69 you been watching too much TV naming your bucks! Lol::D
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    Rut activity in eastern ky

    Should get right as soon as this warm spell breaks. Suppose to break this weekend with nights in the low thirtys, and days good and cool too! In my opinion for my area it will be getting good from this weekend on!!
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    The life of Buck 8917

    Great info! Awesome read!
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    Home range

    What's everyone's opinion on a bucks normal (average) home range? I know all bucks are different and nothing in the whitetail woods is set in stone but, just an overall guess or estimation. For instance if you see a buck in a certain location what's the chances he is still in that area through...
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    Eastern Mtn Bucks

    Good info guys! It's interesting to see everyone's ways of hunting these steep eastern mountains.
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    Eastern Mtn Bucks

    Hunting these eastern Ky Mtn bucks is different in my opinion than hunting central and western Ky. Not harder, just different. The food sources are limited, due to not having crop lands, and well, the old steep treacherous mountains. I'd like to here some of your tactics on hunting these old...
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    I agree with 120, it's all about changing food sources.
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    tactics for this weekend?

    You said it! Just waiting on them does to come in, and waiting for the action to kick in gear.
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    Any one else still seeing bucks running together? Saw a really nice buck this weekend with another slightly lesser buck. What was odd was, they passed through just out of range and 2 minutes later a doe and her two twin fawns followed right behind them. I figured they were separated up by now.
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    Sign & numerous bucks

    You just can never tell I guess. I'd love to put out a couple cameras but it being public land they probably wouldn't last two days. It's a shame a man can't set out his hunting stuff and ppl leave it alone.
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    Got lucky yesterday

    Nice one buddy! Is that a Pike co buck
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    Sign & numerous bucks

    It's a long ridge with several smaller fingers and smaller ridges running off it. I'd say 50 acres
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    Sign & numerous bucks

    When you see good sign in an area of being bucks being there (rubs, scrapes,etc) and it being a generally small area. Do you guys think their is numerous bucks making that sign, or only one or two bucks doing it. Or is it several bucks doing it that are only passing through? I know their is no...
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    Eastern Ky Mtn. Hunters

    Thanks for all the replies everybody. I too have found good luck on the first bench off the ridge tops. I've seen lots of sign, and plenty of does and a few small bucks this year but the big boys seem to be absent!
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    Ghosts Bucks

    I often wonder this as most of us do. But as stated above, the big ones don't get that way by being stupid and running in front if every hunter with a rifle they can find. Their there, you just gotta wait for that one special doe to make em make that one fatal mistake, and most important, be...
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    Pike Co KY STUD!!!!

    Gang signs and flat bill hats! I'd call this the G FUNK buck! Lol nice buck indeed though
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    Rut update thread - Post here with rut updates if you will

    Seems to be just getting going good in pike co, but typical for around here. Lets here it from everybody else...
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    Were are all the zone 4 hunters today?

    I'm like you, I didn't see many orange hats on the road or atvs in truck beds this weekend period, but I did here about 25 shots sat morning. Floyd county

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