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    Rem 700

    PM sent
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    Webb's, Faulkner's or Boone's for deer processing

    I have never tried Faulkner's so I don't know about them. Between Webb's and Boone's I prefer Webb's. Both do good work though.
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    Friday morning roll call

    In the stand here in hardin co.
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    What's that falling from the sky?

    Just what I needed!!
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    Awful slow evening for me: Sunday Night Roll Call

    Nothing but squirrels for me.
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    Who hunted Saturday morning?

    I was out this morning, and nothing was moving for me.
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    roll call for Friday morning

    In the stand here in Hardin co. Hopefully it will be a good morning
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    What broadhead do you shoot?

    rage 2 blade for me
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    What our capitol looked like today

    I too wished I could have went but my wife took her concealed carry today, so I had to sit in class with her.
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    Video on gun ban

    Don't think it can't happen well watch this.
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    why did you buy an AR?

    I got mine for predator hunting, and for shooting some targets.
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    Ted Nugent Gun control

    You may have already seen this, but this unlce Ted with yours truly Piers Morgan.
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    Pitino sounds off on gun control

    He needs to stick with coaching, what a clown!!!
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    My first coyote

    My first sit was overlooking a cut bean field. I hadn't even starting calling yet when I see a coyote walking through the field. It was a good distance out around 325+ yds. I'm new to coyote hunting and turn on the call to see if it will bring him in(rabbit in distress). It didn't seem to pay...
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    Firearms vs. Vehicle

    In 2011 there were 32,367 deaths related to vehicle's ( Also in 2011 there were 8,583 related to firearms ( The government is coming to our house...
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    My first coyote

    I got this guy after my third sit.
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    lets see them varmit rifles!

    DPMS MINI SASS, Nikon Coyote Special 4.5 x14x40, with a harris bi-pod
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    November 3, 2012, Live from the stand Roll Call!

    Woods are silent here
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    Hunting this morning

    I figured I would brave the wind this morning. Here I am 22' up, and the wind is howling.

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