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    anyone hunt by john michael montgomerys land in lawrenceburg ky?

    He sold his farm in Mackville 900 ish acres. He bought some land in Anderson out on 62. Yes he still sings. Now for the size of the deer I can't comment. The mackville farm is now Whitetail Crossing. They sale hunts and they got some big deer there.
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    Washington county

    I'm not on here much anymore(drama). But the season was tough here. It was hot and cold in places. Go out and listen now. They were blowing the tops out Saturday morn. Where poaching is at a high level in certain parts of Washington county it makes it tough. I hope we have a good hatch this year!
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    Remington Nitro

    Shame on them the first time shame on you letting it happen the second time. It's the shell, not you or the gun. Dig a little deeper in the pockets and get some better ammo.
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    dwindling flock, don't know what to do

    Same problem here!! But my stems from bored deer gun hunters. I've been blessed for many years with a healthy flock but now all I got is hope. Sure yote and hawks get there share but I've seen a big decrese aswell and I do plots.
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    870 for turkey hunting ?s.

    Been stackn turkeys the last 20 yrs. with an 870. Love them. I've shot over 15 set-ups with this gun and every factory ammo out there. Indain creek 660 with hevi13 #6's is the best affordable set up for me. I'm ready for a bashing but I got kills out past 65 yards. And a few past that. All stone...
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    1187 help

    Indain creek with straight 6 hevi 13. I built a 1187 3.5 for my gf. We tried 15 different set ups but only one ammo.
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    First archery deer!

    Get it ol Joe. CONGRATS you lucky sob.
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    Advice on out of state hunt

    Them Bama birds are tough. They are hunted when they start gobbling. I got buddies down there and I know what they do. They get on rivers and boat it. I'd do Texas! I know guys that go there every year and fill tags during the day and yote hunt at night.
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    Need beans planted in northern Washington County

    I got equipment in Chaplin Ky 5ft tiller with atv seeder. Ground is really heavy in my area right now.(wet) im not on here much but pm me. How close are you to ezstop?
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    Ever have any you just couldn't bring yourself to kill ?

    There's nothing like those backyard birds. I enjoy listing to my birds. Just waiting on old age to catch up with them. And these birds are not hunted. Just poaching harms these birds. I guess they are my safety net for a bad season.
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    40K next season ??

    Hey can't blame the coyotes. They do their share but hawks and owls hammer them pretty hard. Gun deer hunters hurt me in my area. I liked this season very much. The birds made you work for it or they did me. Those tight lip long hooked tree chickens like to play a good chess game. I called it...
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    It's my fault I expected more. Ammo was gone and camo selection sucked. Sales staff was great and helpful. But bass pro has nothing to worry about. Maybe and I hope they improve. As for now I'll save my gas money and shop in the catalog.
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    What ya shootin'?

    Hevi 13#6's with that Indain creek.
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    What chokes do you guys use

    Indian Creek! All the way.
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    Indian Creek chokes

    They are an awesome choke tube. Got one for my 870 ,11-87, Sx2,sx3 20ga, and browning maxus. They really work well with hevi#6's. My weakest shooter is my sx3 20 coming in at 49% @40yrds. Plus those guys and a gal that I've talked to are really help full. Any problems at all and they will work...
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    Which 20 gauge load?

    Straight #6's hevi shot 3". I've got a youth 1100 built pretty good. I've had some small youth hunters and they've not had a problem. Even shooting at paper. Key thing is getting the gun to fit them so they can anchor in.
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    who would recommend strutter decoys

    Nothing like using the real deal. I've seen them bump off of ton of decoys. But I've never seen one bump off the real deal. I got 4 of them. But I mount them myself.
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    Built a 870 last year for a guy. Jelly 660 with hevi#6's. Not all guns are the same but I'll grant you this you'll kill him at 50+. I've never had to run down a long range bird with hevi13 # 6's. I've got kills up to 72 yrds. Well my gf did with my gun. If that don't float your boat try a Indian...
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    turkey bang bang

    If you can find a SX3 or 2 used top it with an indian creek. 50 yrd gun easily.
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    Youth Quota LBL

    I just came from there on the yote hunt. We covered alot of ground and didn't see 10 birds and very little sign. Seen a small group near the hunter check-in station. My opinion save the gas. Unless it's a bonding trip. The deer sign wasn't that great eather. But from a diehard turkey hunter I'd...

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