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    How far to shoot???

    I do like a little fishing the night before the opener. Cold weather must have slowed the bite, figured I'd have had more.:highly_amused:
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    How far to shoot???

    Guys I bought a mossberg 30/06 a walmart this week and put a decent nikon scope on it but haven't had time to sight it in. I have bore sighted it and thats usually pretty close. How far can I expect to shoot accurately tomorrow morning. My brother in law said to keep my shots under 100yrds but I...
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    Freshwater Jellyfish

    XI will they stay alive in your tank?
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    What's your EDC knife?

    After my old gerber died I went through a couple looking for an EDC that I liked. Been carrying a Spyderco Tenacious for about a year now. Not to expensive in case I loose it but a real solid knife. I use a knife at work alot (electrician) and a few I tried just seemed to flimsy or small. The...
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    Wolf Creek Dam fishing (Video)

    Great video XI, thanks for posting. I will check out your youtube channel too.
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    Best fish taxidermist ?

    Nice fish, thanks for the pic.
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    Best fish taxidermist ?

    Man law violation!!! If asking for taxidermist recommendations on this forum you must post pics of your fish. We like pics:devilish:.
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    Squirrel Hunt with Grandson

    Congrats guys.
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    Texas Biker Gang Shootout

    Free shoes for everyone then???
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    Catfish at T-ville

    I caught 4 nice channels fishing cutbait on a creek where it flows into Tville on cut bluegill. My son caught a bunch of hand size gills on wax worms. Man the rain we got this spring changed things. Pools gone, straight aways widened and even changed. Couldn't get over it.
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    ID the snakes

    Looks like black racers and a hognose or black rat snake to me.
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    Minnow trap problem

    Can't help with your dead minners but great tip on using the coke bottle float, never thought of that. Two liter?
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    106 pound silver carp from Lake Barkley

    Caught by an 84yr old man. I hate Asian carp but what a catch for that old timer. Glad he caught a monster.
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    Opinion - any Good NEW Country singers?

    Love to listen to Billy Jo Shaver. Have a mixed cD from him in my alarm clock now. Also a fan of Jamie Johnson and hank3.
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    Anyone see the Bardstown, ky press conference about the resent shooting?

    I thought the same thing Ed. Sharp, to the point guy.
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    Finally caught a swarm

    Way to go Dev.
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    Anyone see the Bardstown, ky press conference about the resent shooting?
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    Anyone see the Bardstown, ky press conference about the resent shooting?

    Was kind of shocked when the man said, "we were just glad he was white". Figured it would be all over the media by Now. It's at about the 10 minute mark.
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    I hope they spread across the state. I know some deer hunters don't like them, but the thought of having a population large enough to hunt state wide seems great.
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    It has begun (year of the cicada)

    A lot of great childhood memories in them for me. Seeing who could collect the most shells was a great time as a boy.