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    Cave Run Area Deer Hunting

    How has the deer hunting been on the DBNF in the past few years. I used to hunt it every year. Is the herd bouncing back in the area?
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    Lbl Deer Quota Hunt

    How was the hunting this past season for the deer quota hunts guys?
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    J.C. Higgins Model 20 12 Guage with Power Pac Choke For Turkey Hunting

    Guys I have a JC Higgins Sears Model 20 12 guage that my grandfather bought when he got back from World War II. It has the Power/Pac choke system which consist of a short, medium, and long-range screw in choke. I have killed a bunch of squirrels with this old gun. I would like to use it this...
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    Menifee County Hunting

    Guys I haven't got t get out much this year but was looking at the hunting zones and saw that Menifee county is now a zone 4. What is going on and how has the hunting been this year?
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    Need Work Done On Some Older Sidelocks

    Does anyone know of a gunsmith that will work on some older Cva muzzleloaders? I need to get some triggers repaired. Thanks
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    Turkey Hunting With A Muzzleloader

    Any of you guys take out a muzzleloader for turkey season?
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    Quota Hunt Drawing Results Are Up!!!

    No luck this year for me. Good luck guys.
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    Anyone deer hunt dale hollow lake?

    Just curious. Do a lot of boating there.
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    Marlin 336 .35 Remington

    Well I've been wanting a .35 remington in a lever action for a while. So today I traded for a 1950 model 336a with a pachmayr foldaway side scope mount. I love these old marlins. Can't wait to run some lead through her. Any of u guys hunt with this cartridge?
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    Cave Run Lake

    Anyone have any luck deer hunting around the lake this season?
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    Deer in Menifee County

    Are your guys deer numbers in Menifee County way down lately? Have a cousin who is not seeing much of anything these days.
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    Looking For A Hunting Partner

    Well guys I have had some luck with meeting some people on this site before. I am looking for a hunting partner who hunts on public land. It doesn't matter if you enjoy gun hunting, bow, or crossbow. I enjoy hunting DBNF and some other spots. I currently live in Ohio and hunt there as well. I...
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    Hunting the DBNF

    Anyone hunting the Daniel Boone National Forest this year. I didn't hunt it last year. Hunting the dbnf is def a challenge.
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    Bow hunting during rifle season

    So how many of u guys bow hunt during rifle season. Thinking about it this year. What is the rule on orange for a bow only wma?
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    Anyone deer hunting Cave Run?

    I haven't hunted Cave Run Lake since I first started hunting. Did not see a lot of deer during those days. Been wanting to go back. There is just something about hunting the big woods. Any of you guys deer hunt there?
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    Boat For Deer Hunting

    Any of you guys use a boat to get to that favorite hunting spot away from all the people. Thinking about getting a boat I can use for deer hunting. I had a 13ft Boston Whaler that I never should have sold. Wanting to get something older and that I can pull up along the bank. A canoe is out of...
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    My Public Land 12 Point!!!

    Killed on Nov 5th.
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    LBL Gun Hunting

    Please delete
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    Ballard WMA

    Mainly hunt in North Eastern KY. I have been wanting to go do some bow hunting at ballard for some time now. Anyone on here hunt it much or have any info on it? Thanks
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    New Article from ESPN on Calipari and players testing NBA waters

    Associated Press John Calipari: Frosh should weigh NBA LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Kentucky coach John Calipari thinks freshmen stars Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones should throw their names into the NBA draft. He's just not sure Knight and Jones should keep them there. The two freshmen fueled...