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  1. stalkingbear

    Youth guns

    I would recommend you choose the gun make/model you want 1st, then check to see if they make a youth/women's model 2nd. It's very easy to cut the stock down to fit exactly whom you want and replace the recoil pad.
  2. stalkingbear

    Bow shop around louisville

    I can HIGHLY recommend King's on bardstown road in the eastland shopping center. Their service is 2nd to none. Tell Scott that Neil Sea sent you.
  3. stalkingbear

    Hunting knife market

    Gerber blades has too much chromium in them for my tastes. It makes them harder to sharpen to a keen edge or retain that edge.
  4. stalkingbear


    What kind of info & tips are you wanting? What type of build are you interested in? Let me know what you're trying to do & I'll help the best I can.
  5. stalkingbear

    Drop away rest...

    Another vote for the QAD Ultra Rest. Full capture, will only drop during firing-not letdown, can be cocked up ahead of time, reasonable price (hunter model) of about 50-60$, easy setup-what's not to love?
  6. stalkingbear

    What the ?

    That don't add up-I'm calling BS. Even if they could get a 270 bullet to stick in the 30-06 neck, the 270 bullet rattling down the bore wouldn't have as much energy as a properly loaded round. There's NO WAY a round loaded like that would blow up your rifle!
  7. stalkingbear

    Ruger Mk III 22/45 Hunter JUNK!

    You have an extremely rare pistol. I've never seen a Ruger semi-auto .22 pistol malfunction like that. How is it malfunctioning? Have you even thought about sending it back to Ruger?? I've had several Ruger .22 pistols and not had problems like you're having. Is it the long barreled version-if...
  8. stalkingbear


    Also have a buddy load your gun right there without you seeing it (turn your head). Have him load it about 1/2 the time and have it empty the other 1/2-not telling you which times it's really loaded. That will reveal your flinching & help you to overcome it.
  9. stalkingbear

    .40 s&w

    Getting back to the original question, the .40S&W is plenty when you put the right type of bullet in the boiler room.
  10. stalkingbear

    .22 Short?

    All true target type .22LR will be subsonic. I'd recommend trying different types of target ammo or subsonic hp. Sometimes you can get 3-4 squirrels at a time without scaring them.
  11. stalkingbear

    If you bought a new semi auto what would you buy?

    It would help if we knew your budget and intended uses. Those factors may change your ideal selection.
  12. stalkingbear

    870 remington

    Enjoy the 870s you have because they have came out with the model 887 which I believe is going to attempt to replace the model 870 if they have their way. I'll never sell mine.
  13. stalkingbear

    larger caliber centerfire

    Check out the great old 35 Whelen. It offers everything you want and will reach out to 300 yards max. People that buy a 35 whelen usually don't ever sell them. It's absolutely the best non-magnum round for elk IMO.
  14. stalkingbear

    marlin xl7 anyone??

    I got a Marlin XL-7 in .270 and am WELL satisfied with it. It shoots/groups WAYYY better than what you would expect for that price. The trigger is equal to the Savage accu-trigger. I got mine for 300$ and it comes with scope bases included.
  15. stalkingbear

    Gun Selection Need Advice

    I'd suggest you check out the Marlin XS-7 in 7mm08. Selling for 300$, they perform all out of proportion to their price. I bought a XL-7 as a gift for a buddy and it performs so well I want 1 in 7mm08 for myself as a beater/loaner rifle.
  16. stalkingbear

    NEED HELP! Remington 742 Auto 30-6...Worth $300?

    Actually the receiver on Remington 742s is steel. I've reblued some when making a "run" with the hot tanks. They DO have a famous reputation for malfunctioning but can be fixed. The 2 areas most likely to go sour is the flimsy extractor that's made of spring steel & rivited in. The main area is...
  17. stalkingbear

    hornady sst lm

    I have a 7mm08 and my daughter does too. Both rifles required a specific load worked up for that rifle. I would STRONGLY suggest you start reloading so that you may work up an extremely accurate load for YOUR rifle. It would also save you a bunch of money per round after you get set up. The...
  18. stalkingbear

    which rim fire to buy

    Would you believe the cheap winchester 40 gr hollow point? I can give you the lot number if you like. The serial of mine is 3 digits-sub 600.
  19. stalkingbear

    What kind of Scope?

    The Weaver classic series & Nikon Prostaff both can be had for around 150$ and are great scopes for that price. A 3x-9x is really all you need but I personally like the 4x-16x on my favorite yote rifle.
  20. stalkingbear

    which rim fire to buy

    You're talking in generalities. I have a Kimber of Oregon .22mag that groups in 1 ragged hole at 50 yards, and under 1/2" at 100.

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