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  1. scrape

    Big Cat?

    Buddy's neighbor sent him this pick from his trail cam 637 area of Clay Co. Is it a big bobcat or one of those mythical Mountain Lions?
  2. scrape

    From the woods to the wall!

    Got the mount back a few weeks ago, looks awesome on the wall!
  3. scrape

    Somebody's on the naughty list for life!

  4. scrape

    Thumped one!

    Caught this little girl cruising a deer trail this morning in Laurel Co.
  5. scrape

    It's just not right!

    I think Bill Cosby has been messing with my feeder!
  6. scrape

    Lee County KY Monster!

    Anyone hear about this one? Buddy of mine got to see it, said a old man took it with a 30-30. Also said it was scored around 240?
  7. scrape

    Another Deer chaser down!

    This old boy thought he was getting a deer this morning, guess he wasn't counting on the 80 yard head shot coming his way!
  8. scrape

    One for dinner!

    Took this tom yesterday afternoon with my bow. Fried him up last night for dinner!
  9. scrape

    White House turkey defects! Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. scrape

    see if this works
  11. scrape

    R.I..P BG33, it was a honor knowing you.

    R.I.P BG33, it was a honor knowing you. We lost a good one this morning. Brian Griffin (BG33), was called home today after he succumbed to injuries he received from a shooting incident while hunting in Clay County this morning. The unknown shooter, fled the scene immediately after firing the...
  12. scrape

    Hog control

    All the state needs to do is legalize monkeys to hunt with.
  13. scrape

    Clay County Gobbler

    Took this one at 7a.m, called in four at the same time. This was the boss of the three that came in front of me, they were going crazy, full strut and putting on a show. The fourth Tom was coming in from my right, full strut, but never gobbled once, heard him sound off from the tree but that was...
  14. scrape

    Found a shed 1/23/13

    Went to check on one of my chicken wire and corn contraptions I put out, in hopes of getting a shed. Sure enough, laying on the ground was one side of a hoss I will be after this coming season!:)
  15. scrape

    Clay County 8 pointer 11/19/12

    Got him chasing a doe this morning in Clay Co. 17 1/2 spread, 170lbs. Only shooter I have seen during gun season..:)
  16. scrape

    Who felt the earthquake today?

    Around 12:15 today, while I was up a in my stand, I started feeling a vibration, thought somithing was coming up my tree. I could feel the vibration coming through the tree causing me and my treestand to vibrate. I sent a tex to my girlfriend. telling her "I think we just had a earthquake."...
  17. scrape

    Leslie County Cougar

    This was taken in the Rock House area of Lelsie County this week. The owner of the house kept getting his trash cans torn apart and thought it might have been a bear, due to the large tracks left behind. He set up a trail cam and this is the critter that was tearing things up. He is guessing...
  18. scrape

    Buck gets frisky with a girl!

    Where was she at during the rut?
  19. scrape

    Bell County Brute

    A buddy of mine from back home sent me this on my phone. Came out of Bell County during the gun season. I covered the mans face, I know him and didn't want to post his face on the net without asking. But this buck needs to be shared, it's a hoss. Click to see a bigger pic...
  20. scrape

    CVA Electra

    Saw a good deal on a CVA Electra 50 cal., is it a reliable muzzleloader? Thanks for any info.

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