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    To many does in zone 1

    If you or your hunting partners have an abundance of doe on the place you hunt, don't forget about Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry. Its a great way to donate and a worthy cause. You can visit their website for a list of participating processors.
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    Savage 220

    Have used one for several years now for Illinois firearm season. Hornaday SST are awesome. Best investment in a slug gun I have made. Made a believer out of me for 20 gauge. I have the Nikon scope as well. Will have to look at what mounts I used. If you do find a slug you like suggest...
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    Ready for the season !!!

    LOL Enjoy my friend and good luck!
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    Looks good and even though I don't remember the point system.... but -2 for no coffee but a + 2 for drinking out of a mason jar. LOL.
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    Keith, would you please make the How to Donate a Deer to Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry post a...

    Keith, would you please make the How to Donate a Deer to Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry post a sticky in the deer donation thread please. Thank you, Roger
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    2018/2019 deer donation thread

    KHFH is a charitable, volunteer-run organization comprised of responsible hunters and conservationists who pay the meat processors to process the meat, so there is no charge to the hunters. KHFH encourage hunters to harvest and donate an extra deer or multiple deer to help feed Kentucky's...
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    BM, I'm the new Executive Director of Hunters for the Hungry. We have a Commissioners Waterfowl...

    BM, I'm the new Executive Director of Hunters for the Hungry. We have a Commissioners Waterfowl Tag for this year. Would like to sell it outright. We are a 501c so it would be a donation. Please call me at 502.552.9397 if your interested or may know of someone who is. Thanks Roger
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    Highly recommend Jackson Kayaks. Several places in the state carries them. Canoe Ky and KY Lake Outdoors ( I believe that's the place)
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    What is it?

    I agree with the more funding from somewhere and I think this is a step in the right direction with giving other interested parties a way to help fund non-game initiatives. Looking at the membership levels and some of the perks, some activities look pretty cool to be able to participate. I may...
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    To heck with the flat top stove, I'm going back to using all my old cast iron!

    I cook with cast iron on a glass top stove. Just have to be careful and don't drop or scoot the pan on the surface. Cast iron is the only way to go.
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    Do you eat fish eggs?

    tried them once, taste wasn't that bad, just didn't like the texture. I am not one on caviar either same reason.
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    Yeti no longer an NRA vendor

    I went on their website and sent them a message. I feel they made their money on the backs of us sportsman and now they are turning their backs on us. How many outdoor shows had YETI as sponsors? UnderArmour Redux.
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    What's the worst gun you ever shot?

    Marlin 512P Slug Gun. Could not find a slug this gun would eject. Called Marlin, they sent me a new extractor and said the only slug they would recommend was a Winchester Super X. Gun was not very accurate at all with them. I ended up buying a Savage 220 and never looked back. Gun sits in...
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    NRA losing support

    I just renewed after seeing all the rhetoric being spewed.......
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    Any kayak fisherman?

    I really like the Jackson kayaks as well. I have a Coosa HD. There is a shop by KY Lake that sells them as well. Or Canoe Ky. I think if you get one and don't like it, you could get your money out of it. They are in demand.
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    Smallmouth float

    I'm looking to do a trip to Arkansas, Mountain Home/Bull Shoals area. Trout fishing and smallmouth. Several good streams to float, plus Bull Shoals and Table Rock Lake.
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    Another good resturant.

    Feedmill in Morganfield KY........ I love their Cajun food and fried catfish. They had opened a location in Louisville called Joe's OK Bayou but have closed it recently. They got me hooked on Cajun food.
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    Pattis restaurant

    Fern Creek to Lexington to Murray would be one heckuva roundabout way to get there..........that fish better be good...LOL
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    Pattis restaurant

    I deer hunt every year across the river in Illinois. I have an Amish processor that does a great job on deer. So when I go back to pick it up, I take the wife and we make a day trip and always stop at Pattis. And now that the oldest grand daughter is going to Murray, we have another excuse to...
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    Sika deer Killed November 2017

    I saw a doe along side the Snyder after getting on from Billtown yesterday in basically the same place I believer your talking about. Have seen them along Floyds Fork several times as well.

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